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Thread: Could someone please critique this video?

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    Default Could someone please critique this video?

    This is a highlight video thing of some of my wins, could you tell me what I need to work on in my shots, top wrestling, etc? I always seem to miss the smaller things when I watch my footage, so any small but useful tips are welcomed


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    you do a lot of your shots with your head down and wrestling on your knees. you need to keep your weight on your opponent and keep your head up when you shoot otherwise decent wrestlers will smash your nose into the match and score off your bad shot with relative ease. pretty good for your first year, great start.

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    You need more hip separation on your standups. You should learn a shot other than a double (think sweeps, ducks, ankle picks). You need to work better set ups for your double. Against tough opponents, just changing your level and taking a double isn't going to be effective. You need to work on your spinning (do spinning drills on a partner in referees position). More aggression is needed, and you need to shoot more.

    Edit: Keep your head up and to the outside on your double, and get your hips in closer.

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