By David A. Willauer-Contributing Editor-Smyrna High School-Smyrna, DE-2-15-11: For the 11th time in the championship round of the Delaware Division I Dual Meet Wrestling State Wrestling Tournament, the Riders

<style>p { margin: 0pt; }</style>DIVISION I


Caesar Rodney 36, St. Mark's 24-The Riders of Caesar Rodney with 4 decisions, 2 pins, technical falls along with 1 major decision defeated the Spartans of St. Marks by 36-24 score. For St. Marks, they recorded 4 decisions and 3 pins

112-Scarfo (CR) dec. Vietri 4-2; 119-Lemaire (CR) pinned R.Davia 1:37; 125-Mitchell (CR) dec. Valania 1-1 RO/OT; 130-Pendergast (SM) dec. Jackson 8-2; 135-Blumenthal (CR) maj.dec. Downes 15-1; 140-Wilt (CR) dec. Gallo 10-3; 145-Hemmerich (SM) pinned Kurlander 3:35; 152-Mansanto (CR) dec. McGinley 4-2 OT; 160-Meade (CR) tech.fall Roach 26-11 (4:22); 171-Snook (SM) pinned DeMarreau 1:49; 189-Mauk (SM) pinned Johnson 2:12; 215-Carver (CR) dec. Shaw 3-0; 285-Cassidy (SM) dec. Leo 1-0; 103-Howell (CR) pinned D.Davia 1:30.

"It was an overwhelming night winning 3 matches on the same night for our squad as we wrestled SC which was one of our losses during the season and we defeated them in the D I semi final round In the finals against St. Marks I thought we were the underdog going into the championship round." said head coach Dickie Howell "We won a lot of close bouts, Micah Hight, my 112 pounder was out with an injury, my backup Tony Scarfo filled and won a close contest along with winning 2 overtime matches Trey Mitchell's rideout win over Michael Valania were key differences." "My son Zachary was special being able to stand next to me carrying the trophy around the gym is a memory that I will never forget as a father."

Notes on this series: This is Caesar Rodney's 16th overall appearance in the Delaware Division I Dual Meet Tournament and have won 9 Dual Meet Tournament Titles Overall. CR and St. Marks have met in the championship round 11 times. In this series, St. Marks has won 5 Dual Meet Titles while CR have won 6.


St. Mark's 33, Smyrna 29-In the semi final round of the Delaware Division I Dual Meet Tournament, the Spartans of St. Marks with 3 pins, 2 decisions, 1 major and 1 technical fall as they defeated the host Smyrna Eagles by a 33-19 score. St. Marks recorded 3 pins 1 major decision 2 decisions and 1 tech fall. For Smyrna, they recorded 3 falls and 4 decisions.

103-Carney (Smy) pinned D.Davia :24; 112-Fleetwood (Smy) pinned Vietri 3:18; 119-Archangelo (Smy) pinned R.Davia 1:28; 125-Valania (SM) pinned Edmond 3:48; 130-Pendergast (SM) maj. dec. Hershberger 12-0; 135-Downes (SM) dec. Carbine 13-8; 140-Watts (Smy) dec. Gallo 6-2; 145-Shelar (Smy) dec. Hemmerich 4-1; 152-McGinley (SM) dec. Boyles 4-2; 160-Brereton (Smy) dec. Roach 1-0; 171-Snook (SM) tech. fall Wilson 16-1 (4:30); 189-Cox (Smy) dec. Shaw 5-3; 215-Mauk (SM) pinned Rife 2:23; 285-Cassidy (SM) pinned Messick 3:14.

Smyrna had one team point deducted for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Caesar Rodney 36, Sussex Central 30-In a semi final round of the Division I Delaware State Dual Meet Wrestling Tournament, the Riders of Caesar Rodney with 4 falls, 1 tech fall, 2 decisions, 1 major decision defeated the Sussex Central Golden Knights by a 36-30 score. For Sussex in the loss, they recorded 3 major decisions, 1 decision and won by 2 forfeits.

103-Howell (CR) pinned Brown 1:43; 112-West (SC) dec. Scarfo 8-4; 119-Lemaire (CR) tech.fall Marlett 17-2 (4:29); 125-Mitchell (CR) dec. Miller 8-2; 130-Jackson (CR) pinned Perez 2:44; 135-Blumenthal (CR) pinned Neal 1:56; 140-Broomall (SC) dec. Wilt 8-6; 145-Conaway (SC) maj. dec. Kurlander 19-6; 152-Miller (SC) maj. dec. Mansanto 8-0; 160-Meade (CR) maj. dec. Jones 21-9; 171-Combs (SC) maj. dec. DeMarreau 14-1; 189-Johnson (CR) pinned Conaway 4:20; 215-Spicer (SC) won by forfeit; 285-Goins (SC) won by forfeit.

First round

Caesar Rodney 41, William Penn 22-In the first round of the Delaware Division I Dual Meet Tournament, the Riders of Caesar Rodney on 5 decisions 1 tech fall along with 1 pin defeated the Colonials of William Penn by a 41-22 score.

285-Leo (CR) dec. Lassiter 5-1; 103-Howell (CR) won by forfeit; 112-Gbaye (WP) won by forfeit; 119-Lemaire (CR) tech. fall Casuga 16-0 (2:22); 125-Mitchell (CR) dec. Nelson 11-5; 130-Jackson (CR) pinned Taylor 1:10; 135-Blumenthal (CR) pinned Palomo :42; 140-Wilt (CR) dec. Wideman 5-2; 145-Foreman (WP) dec. Green 9-4; 152-Shreve (WP) dec. Melvin 8-4; 160-Meade (CR) won by forfeit; 171-DeMarreau (CR) dec. Scott 6-0; 189-Seibert (WP) pinned Steward :32; 215-Crawford (WP) maj. dec. Parker 13-3.

Smyrna 33, Salesianum 27-The Eagles of Smyrna have advanced to the semi final round as they recorded 3 decisions, 2 pins, 3 major decisions, as they defeated the Sals of Salesianum by a 33-27 score.

285-Messick (Smy) dec. Custer 4-3; 103-Carney (Smy) pinned Stevens 1:03; 112-Fleetwood (Smy) maj. dec. Farley 12-1; 119-Donaldson (Sal) dec. Archangelo 8-4; 125-Kibblehouse (Sal) pinned Edmond 3:31; 130-Hershberger (Smy) maj. dec. Fedele 15-6; 135-Letterman (Smy) pinned Miller 1:50; 140-Watts (Smy) dec. Merrill 1-0; 145-Shelar (Smy) maj. dec. Finocchiaro 11-2; 152-Boyles (Smy) dec. Daulton 7-0; 160-Phillips (Sal) dec. Brereton 0-0 RO/OT; 171-Diksa (Sal) won by forfeit; 189-Mancini (Sal) dec. Armstrong 5-2; 215-Thommes (Sal) won by forfeit.



Caravel 44, Indian River 34-The Bucs of Caravel on 5 falls, and 1 decision, technical fall and forfeit defeated the Indians of Indian River by a 44-34 score. This is Caravel's 7th Appearance in the Dual Meet Tournament and won their first DIAA Dual Meet Title

112-Press (Car) pinned Zook 1:39; 119-Summerfield (Car) dec. Odom 8-7; 125-Jo. Lopez (IR) pinned Bolander 1:00; 130-Ferrazzo (Car) pinned Bradford 2:53; 135-Ardecki (Car) pinned Ju. Lopez 3:20; 140-Gattinella (Car) pinned Baker 3:55; 145-Griffin (IR) pinned Niggebrugge 1:31; 152-Wilkinson (IR) pinned R. Zwier :28; 160-Wolfe (Car) tech. fall Selba 21-6 (5:48); 171-Bokinsky (IR) maj. dec. Casey 9-1; 189-A. Zwier (Car) pinned Turner 5:13; 215-Showell (IR) won by forfeit; 285-Harmon (IR) won by forfeit; 103-Walker (Car) won by forfeit.

"Indian River is a strong team, all year we've watched the results and it improves as the year went on." said Caravel Head Coach Mike Welsh. "It came down from 112 all the way up and had the will to win which was the difference today in today's contest." "The team wanted it was the most and in our weight classes from 112 on up and we bumped our 125 pounder up to 130 and that's how we received our 8 wins along with the bonus points which helped us out today." I give credit for the upperweights and down to our lowerweights that did the jobs for us." "I can't give enough credit and am proud to be a part of it." "We did what we had to do and always had a good wrestling tradition here." "Ryan Wolfe my 160 pounder scored a technical fall for our squad and has been wrestling with us since he was in 8th grade." "Sometime when the our kids got pinned even though if Alex Zwier won by one point we would have won the match one points." "It is great for the parents, supporters along with the volunteers to be a part of Caravel Academy Wrestling."


Indian River 48, Delaware Military 21-The Indians of Indian River have advanced to the final round as they recorded 5 falls, 2 major decisions, 1 decision and forfeit defeated the Seahawks of Delaware Military Academy by a 48-21 score.

103-J. Loose (DMA) won by forfeit; 112-D. Loose (DMA) pinned Zook :54; 119-Odom (IR) maj.dec. Hagelstein 10-1; 125-Jo. Lopez (IR) pinned Sipala 2:10; 130-Bradford (IR) maj. dec. Cox 10-1; 135-Higgins (DMA) pinned Ju. Lopez 4:47; 140-Baker (IR) dec. Barry 10-4; 145-Wilkerson (IR) won by forfeit; 152-Lundin (DMA) dec. Mitchell 9-6; 160-Bokinsky (IR) pinned Kaczmarczyk :52; 171-Selba (IR) dec. Wooleyhan 10-3; 189-Turner (IR) maj. dec. Miller 12-0; 215-Showell (IR) pinned McCarthy 2:22; 285-Harmon (IR) pinned Beattie :42.

Caravel 39, Polytech 35-The Bucs of Caravel Academy have advanced to the final round of the Delaware Division II State Wrestling Tournament as they recorded 4 falls, 3 major decisions and 1 decision as they defeated the Bucs of Polytech by a 39-35 score.

103-Press (Car) dec. Padilla 6-2; 112-Summerfield (Car) pinned Richard :12; 119-Watts (Poly) tech.fall Bolander 17-1 (5:09); 125-Ferrazzo (Car) pinned Hosfelt 2:55; 130-Ardecki (Car) pinned Hyde 5:03; 135-Gattinella (Car) maj. dec. White 12-4; 140-Williams (Poly) pinned Niggebrugge 1:36; 145-Maraboli (Poly) pinned Howell :19; 152-Bentley (Poly) pinned R. Zwier 1:48; 160-Wolfe (Car) pinned Waishes :35; 171-Casey (Car) maj. dec. Smith 10-2; 189-A. Zwier (Car) maj. dec. Je. Lacinski 18-5; 215-Thorne (Poly) won by forfeit; 285-Ju. Lacinski (Poly) won by forfeit.

First round

Caravel 39, St. Georges Tech 34-The Bucs of Caravel Academy with 6 pins along with 3 decisions as they defeated a newcomer and for the first time in the history, the new Flight B champion St. Georges Hawks by a very close 39-34 score. This is St. Georges first time in school history to be in the Delaware Division II State Wrestling Dual Meet Tournament.

285-Scollo (SG) pinned Mailley 1:19; 103-Press (Car) pinned McMillen 2:54; 112-Summerfield (Car) dec. Matarese 7-1; 119-Reaume (SG) maj. dec. Bolander 13-1; 125-Ferrazzo (Car) dec. Goodman 6-2; 130-Ardecki (Car) pinned Lyman 3:19; 135-Gattinella (Car) pinned Ward 1:32; 140-Ginn (SG) won by forfeit; 145-Albanese (SG) pinned Niggebrugge 1:34; 152-Bordley (SG) pinned R. Zwier 2:31; 160-Wolfe (Car) pinned Berry :36; 171-Dooley (SG) won by forfeit; 189-Casey (Car) dec. Catts 5-2; 215-A. Zwier (Car) pinned Stratton 1:00.

Delaware Military 31, Seaford 30-The Seahawks from Delaware Military Academy with 3 decisions, 2 tech falls along with 2 pins defeated the Seaford Blue Jays by a 31-30 score.

285-Henry (Sea) dec. Beattie (DMA) 4-2; 103-J. Loose (DMA) dec. Powell (Sea) 5-0; 112-Ramirez (Sea) dec. D. Loose 6-4; 119-Ayres (Sea) maj. dec. Hagelstein 13-3; 125-Sipala (DMA) tech. fall Mondestin 15-0 (3:43); 130-Parks (Sea) maj. dec. Cox 10-2; 135-Higgins (DMA) dec. Santos 3-0; 140-Deputy (Sea) maj. dec. Barry 9-1; 145-Lundin (DMA) pinned Edwards 4:32; 152-Kaczmarczyk (DMA) pinned Craft 2:51; 160-Elliott (Sea) won by forfeit; 171-Wooleyhan (DMA) dec. Seymore 8-4; 189-McCarthy (DMA) tech. fall Hopkins 16-1 (4:24); 215-Fitchett (Sea) won by forfeit.