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The National Wrestling Coaches Association is a professional organization dedicated to serve and provide leadership for the advancement of all levels of the sport of wrestling with primary emphasis on scholastic and collegiate wrestling programs.* The membership embraces all people who are interested in amateur wrestling.

The NWCA, through its organizational structure, promotes communication, recognition achievement, recommends rules and regulations, sponsors events and serves as an educational and informational source.* Additionally, the NWCA strives to foster the sportsmanship and integrity that are the cornerstones of athletic competition.

COACHES: Prepare Your Wrestlers to Reach Their Potential

Coach, you are the most important person in a wrestler?s development.* The NWCA never stops trying to provide the tools and services to make your challenge more enjoyable and effective.* Take advantage of what the NWCA has available.* Your reward will be wrestlers who improve and enjoy the challenges.

NWCA Coaching Code of Ethics

Goals of the NWCA:

  • Grow the number of wrestlers, coaches, and wrestling programs at all levels
  • Train coaches and parents to help every student reach his/her fullest potential through the participation of wrestling
  • Promote student-wrestler welfare (safety, health/wellness, academic achievement, etc.)
  • Transition wrestling to be a more media friendly sport
  • Inspire state and federal agencies to legislate favorable rules/regulations that will grow wrestling
  • Promote outstanding accomplishments through a comprehensive award program
  • Strive to save threatened programs and start new ones

Keeping Wrestling Safe:

High School Coaching Development Courses:

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