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Written By:
Brian F. Brakeman

January 26, 2011

The production of this report from my handwritten copy is no easy job.* I forget words, use weird punctuation, and my handwriting gets worse with each successive weight class.* The typists who transform such material into what you are reading today deserve tremendous accolades.* Chief among them is my long-suffering cousin, Nancy Dimitris, and her colleague Vickie Billow.* Next time you see them thank them and re-express my gratitude for their work.

The first of these reports was written in 1972 in what was a much different world than today.* Newspaper coverage in most areas of the state was spotty and inconsistent at best, and non-existent in many places.* There was no Internet (which I believe has impacted wrestling, perhaps, more than any other sport) and teams generally wrestled within a few miles of their school.* At that time I was in a unique position ? working for a large company that had many newspaper subscriptions, working near the wonderful Cleveland Public Library that had multiple data sources, and developing many statewide contacts via the television shows.* All this provided me with an information base that was difficult to duplicate, and provided resources for printing and distributing paper copies.

Today it has all changed.* Now there is a constant flow of information.* I am awash in data, as teams compete not only in statewide events, but in tournaments that bring together teams from many different areas of the country.* I am amazed at the efforts made by many to disseminate data and the high quality of analysis at some sites.

Finally, over the years I kept copies, at first on film and then later on ?? tape, of virtually all of the telecasts in which I took part.* I have donated that entire collection to Cable Nine Television, who will serve as a non-profit repository of that material.* They are working to provide an index of what is available, and, perhaps, how best it can be obtained.* I am grateful for their help in this endeavor since much of the material is irreplaceable and my attic was a less than ideal storage place.* The initial cost of this material was certainly more than a million dollars in current dollars, and its preservation seems important to me.


The object of these annual reports encompasses two basic goals.* First is to acquaint everyone with the basic character of each weight class and identify the participants who are likely to play a major role in its resolution.* In addition, each individual district is examined as to whom its representatives might be.* Second is to stimulate interest in the whole State tournament process throughout Ohio.* Naturally, accuracy is also of primary concern, so care is taken to develop the most comprehensive list possible of outstanding wrestlers, though of necessity, the evaluation of their final place is, in part, subjective.* This report was written during a ten-day period ending January 23, based on the information available at that time. Because this material was written by that time (and in some cases somewhat earlier) and in the hands of the typists after that I have not included any information that may become available after that time. It?s kind of a snapshot in time, with a picture that will surely change in many ways by tournament time.* Certainly many of those listed at weight classes where they are currently ranked will move up or down for competitive reasons facilitated by the new rules which make it so much easier to do so.* In fact, some of those moves may well be precipitated by information contained within this document.

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