My first year at wrestling just ended (Freshman) and I couldn't wrestle in districts do to injury but that won't keep me out for long. I wrestled at 145 this year and a few matches at 152. I hate wrestling at this size because most kids I face are bigger/ stronger than me. Some kids on my wrestling team jam all their weight cutting into the wrestling preseason during October. To me this doesn't at all seem healthy but they manage to maintain a good wrestling record.
What I am wondering is should I try to cut weight during that time or gradually loose weight over the summer? If so what type of workout routine should I do? Also my friend recommended me to creatine, but since I want to loose weight over the summer should I not take any?
P.S. I would like to get down to 135 or as low as possible before it begins to affect my health. I'm just looking for friendly advice, any will help.