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Thread: Post Your Individual State Wrestling Tournament Dates and Links!

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    Default Post Your Individual State Wrestling Tournament Dates and Links!

    Please post your state's bracket links (High School League or Wrestling Fan site) and the weekend it occurs!

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    Default Re: Post Your Individual State Wrestling Tournament Dates and Links!

    St. Mark's, IR top dual wrestling seeds for the Delaware Division I and II Dual Meet Wrestling Tournament that will take place at Smyrna High School-From The Wilmington News Journal Papers

    St. Mark's and Indian River were selected as the top seeds for Tuesday's DIAA Dual Team Wrestling State Tournament, the committee announced Sunday.
    St. Mark's (7-4) leads the Division I field and Indian River (8-7) heads the Division II field.
    The seedings are subjective and are based on head-to-head competition in dual meets, results against common opponents record and strength of schedule.
    The other Division I seeds are: No. 2 Sussex Central (10-2), No. 3 Caesar Rodney (10-2), No. 4 Smyrna (9-3), No. 5 Salesianum (5-8) and No. 6 William Penn (12-2).
    Sussex Central is the Henlopen North automatic qualifier and William Penn is the Blue Hen Flight A automatic qualifier.
    The other Division II seeds are: No. 2 Polytech (7-6); No. 3 Caravel (6-6); No. 4 Delaware Military (8-3); No. 5 Seaford (11-4) and No. 6 St. Georges Tech (9-1).
    St. Georges is the Blue Hen Flight B automatic qualifier while Indian River, Polytech and Seaford are the Henlopen South tri-champions.
    The tournament will be held at Smyrna on Tuesday. Gates open at 2:15 with wrestling beginning at 3. The finals are scheduled to begin at approximately 7. Tickets are $8 and are good for all three rounds.
    Tickets will be sold at Smyrna High School and are available at

    The Blue Hen Conference Tournament will be held at Newark High School. The Henlopen Conference Wrestling Tournament will be held at Smyrna High School on both Friday, February 18th and Saturday, February 19th. On Saturday, February 19, 2011 the Delaware Independent Conference Wrestling Tournament will be held at Salesianum School in Wilmington, DE. The top 6 in each weight classes from the Blue Hen and Henlopen Conference Wrestling Tournament will qualify for the Open State Wrestling Tournament at St. Marks High School on Friday, February 25 and Saturday, February, 26, 2011. The link is below for the Dual Meet and Open State Tournament only.

    Delaware Division I Dual Meet Tournament Results



    Caesar Rodney 36, St. Mark's 24

    112-Scarfo (CR) dec. Vietri 4-2; 119-Lemaire (CR) pinned R.Davia 1:37; 125-Mitchell (CR) dec. Valania 1-1 RO/OT; 130-Pendergast (SM) dec. Jackson 8-2; 135-Blumenthal (CR) maj.dec. Downes 15-1; 140-Wilt (CR) dec. Gallo 10-3; 145-Hemmerich (SM) pinned Kurlander 3:35; 152-Mansanto (CR) dec. McGinley 4-2 OT; 160-Meade (CR) tech.fall Roach 26-11 (4:22); 171-Snook (SM) pinned DeMarreau 1:49; 189-Mauk (SM) pinned Johnson 2:12; 215-Carver (CR) dec. Shaw 3-0; 285-Cassidy (SM) dec. Leo 1-0; 103-Howell (CR) pinned D.Davia 1:30.


    St. Mark's 33, Smyrna 29

    103-Carney (Smy) pinned D.Davia :24; 112-Fleetwood (Smy) pinned Vietri 3:18; 119-Archangelo (Smy) pinned R.Davia 1:28; 125-Valania (SM) pinned Edmond 3:48; 130-Pendergast (SM) maj. dec. Hershberger 12-0; 135-Downes (SM) dec. Carbine 13-8; 140-Watts (Smy) dec. Gallo 6-2; 145-Shelar (Smy) dec. Hemmerich 4-1; 152-McGinley (SM) dec. Boyles 4-2; 160-Brereton (Smy) dec. Roach 1-0; 171-Snook (SM) tech. fall Wilson 16-1 (4:30); 189-Cox (Smy) dec. Shaw 5-3; 215-Mauk (SM) pinned Rife 2:23; 285-Cassidy (SM) pinned Messick 3:14.

    Smyrna had one team point deducted for unsportsmanlike conduct.

    Caesar Rodney 36, Sussex Central 30

    103-Howell (CR) pinned Brown 1:43; 112-West (SC) dec. Scarfo 8-4; 119-Lemaire (CR) tech.fall Marlett 17-2 (4:29); 125-Mitchell (CR) dec. Miller 8-2; 130-Jackson (CR) pinned Perez 2:44; 135-Blumenthal (CR) pinned Neal 1:56; 140-Broomall (SC) dec. Wilt 8-6; 145-Conaway (SC) maj. dec. Kurlander 19-6; 152-Miller (SC) maj. dec. Mansanto 8-0; 160-Meade (CR) maj. dec. Jones 21-9; 171-Combs (SC) maj. dec. DeMarreau 14-1; 189-Johnson (CR) pinned Conaway 4:20; 215-Spicer (SC) won by forfeit; 285-Goins (SC) won by forfeit.

    First round

    Caesar Rodney 41, William Penn 22

    285-Leo (CR) dec. Lassiter 5-1; 103-Howell (CR) won by forfeit; 112-Gbaye (WP) won by forfeit; 119-Lemaire (CR) tech. fall Casuga 16-0 (2:22); 125-Mitchell (CR) dec. Nelson 11-5; 130-Jackson (CR) pinned Taylor 1:10; 135-Blumenthal (CR) pinned Palomo :42; 140-Wilt (CR) dec. Wideman 5-2; 145-Foreman (WP) dec. Green 9-4; 152-Shreve (WP) dec. Melvin 8-4; 160-Meade (CR) won by forfeit; 171-DeMarreau (CR) dec. Scott 6-0; 189-Seibert (WP) pinned Steward :32; 215-Crawford (WP) maj. dec. Parker 13-3.

    Smyrna 33, Salesianum 27

    285-Messick (Smy) dec. Custer 4-3; 103-Carney (Smy) pinned Stevens 1:03; 112-Fleetwood (Smy) maj. dec. Farley 12-1; 119-Donaldson (Sal) dec. Archangelo 8-4; 125-Kibblehouse (Sal) pinned Edmond 3:31; 130-Hershberger (Smy) maj. dec. Fedele 15-6; 135-Letterman (Smy) pinned Miller 1:50; 140-Watts (Smy) dec. Merrill 1-0; 145-Shelar (Smy) maj. dec. Finocchiaro 11-2; 152-Boyles (Smy) dec. Daulton 7-0; 160-Phillips (Sal) dec. Brereton 0-0 RO/OT; 171-Diksa (Sal) won by forfeit; 189-Mancini (Sal) dec. Armstrong 5-2; 215-Thommes (Sal) won by forfeit.



    Caravel 44, Indian River 34

    112-Press (Car) pinned Zook 1:39; 119-Summerfield (Car) dec. Odom 8-7; 125-Jo. Lopez (IR) pinned Bolander 1:00; 130-Ferrazzo (Car) pinned Bradford 2:53; 135-Ardecki (Car) pinned Ju. Lopez 3:20; 140-Gattinella (Car) pinned Baker 3:55; 145-Griffin (IR) pinned Niggebrugge 1:31; 152-Wilkinson (IR) pinned R. Zwier :28; 160-Wolfe (Car) tech. fall Selba 21-6 (5:48); 171-Bokinsky (IR) maj. dec. Casey 9-1; 189-A. Zwier (Car) pinned Turner 5:13; 215-Showell (IR) won by forfeit; 285-Harmon (IR) won by forfeit; 103-Walker (Car) won by forfeit.


    Indian River 48, Delaware Military 21

    103-J. Loose (DMA) won by forfeit; 112-D. Loose (DMA) pinned Zook :54; 119-Odom (IR) maj.dec. Hagelstein 10-1; 125-Jo. Lopez (IR) pinned Sipala 2:10; 130-Bradford (IR) maj. dec. Cox 10-1; 135-Higgins (DMA) pinned Ju. Lopez 4:47; 140-Baker (IR) dec. Barry 10-4; 145-Wilkerson (IR) won by forfeit; 152-Lundin (DMA) dec. Mitchell 9-6; 160-Bokinsky (IR) pinned Kaczmarczyk :52; 171-Selba (IR) dec. Wooleyhan 10-3; 189-Turner (IR) maj. dec. Miller 12-0; 215-Showell (IR) pinned McCarthy 2:22; 285-Harmon (IR) pinned Beattie :42.

    Caravel 39, Polytech 35

    103-Press (Car) dec. Padilla 6-2; 112-Summerfield (Car) pinned Richard :12; 119-Watts (Poly) tech.fall Bolander 17-1 (5:09); 125-Ferrazzo (Car) pinned Hosfelt 2:55; 130-Ardecki (Car) pinned Hyde 5:03; 135-Gattinella (Car) maj. dec. White 12-4; 140-Williams (Poly) pinned Niggebrugge 1:36; 145-Maraboli (Poly) pinned Howell :19; 152-Bentley (Poly) pinned R. Zwier 1:48; 160-Wolfe (Car) pinned Waishes :35; 171-Casey (Car) maj. dec. Smith 10-2; 189-A. Zwier (Car) maj. dec. Je. Lacinski 18-5; 215-Thorne (Poly) won by forfeit; 285-Ju. Lacinski (Poly) won by forfeit.

    First round

    Caravel 39, St. Georges Tech 34

    285-Scollo (SG) pinned Mailley 1:19; 103-Press (Car) pinned McMillen 2:54; 112-Summerfield (Car) dec. Matarese 7-1; 119-Reaume (SG) maj. dec. Bolander 13-1; 125-Ferrazzo (Car) dec. Goodman 6-2; 130-Ardecki (Car) pinned Lyman 3:19; 135-Gattinella (Car) pinned Ward 1:32; 140-Ginn (SG) won by forfeit; 145-Albanese (SG) pinned Niggebrugge 1:34; 152-Bordley (SG) pinned R. Zwier 2:31; 160-Wolfe (Car) pinned Berry :36; 171-Dooley (SG) won by forfeit; 189-Casey (Car) dec. Catts 5-2; 215-A. Zwier (Car) pinned Stratton 1:00.

    Delaware Military 31, Seaford 30

    285-Henry (Sea) dec. Beattie (DMA) 4-2; 103-J. Loose (DMA) dec. Powell (Sea) 5-0; 112-Ramirez (Sea) dec. D. Loose 6-4; 119-Ayres (Sea) maj. dec. Hagelstein 13-3; 125-Sipala (DMA) tech. fall Mondestin 15-0 (3:43); 130-Parks (Sea) maj. dec. Cox 10-2; 135-Higgins (DMA) dec. Santos 3-0; 140-Deputy (Sea) maj. dec. Barry 9-1; 145-Lundin (DMA) pinned Edwards 4:32; 152-Kaczmarczyk (DMA) pinned Craft 2:51; 160-Elliott (Sea) won by forfeit; 171-Wooleyhan (DMA) dec. Seymore 8-4; 189-McCarthy (DMA) tech. fall Hopkins 16-1 (4:24); 215-Fitchett (Sea) won by forfeit.
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    Default Washington state tournament

    Washington Wrestling Report (Link)
    Washington's primary site, tons of information, message board, rankings, and links to brackets as well.

    The state tournament will kick off on Friday. All classifications will be in one spot, the Tacoma Dome. Keep an eye out at The Tacoma News Tribune as they always publish a list of "untouchables" the week of the state tournament.

    I'll add a list of guys to watch out for along with brackets that I think are stacked when I finish going through them.
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    Default Re: Post Your Individual State Wrestling Tournament Dates and Links!

    We only have pairings released at this point.

    Hopefully we will have a few on the top of the heap that I coach.
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    Default Re: Post Your Individual State Wrestling Tournament Dates and Links!

    Iowa high school wrestling tournament 2011 Feb 16-19

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    Default Re: Post Your Individual State Wrestling Tournament Dates and Links!

    Oregon high schools go to districts this week (regionals for some) and state next weekend. Every classivication (1A/2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A) will be at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland. 16 man brackets for 3A-6A and an 8 man bracket for 1A/2A.

    Results will be posted here: Oregon Wrestling Forum, and most likely here: (Oregon Live)

    You can check out the OWF for updates on districts as well.

    As I come across more sources I'll add to this post. I'll also be there camera in tow, to capture all the action that I can. Check out my user gallery for Washington state tournament photos, and look for Oregon State tournament photos to come.

    Last year's State Finals videos posted here
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    Default Re: Post Your Individual State Wrestling Tournament Dates and Links!

    Florida State HS Finals are this weekend Friday February 18th & Saturday February 19th, 2001. I will be there @ the Lakeland Center covering the event.

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    Default Re: Post Your Individual State Wrestling Tournament Dates and Links!

    Virginia AAA Schools: Friday 2/18/11
    its at Robinson Secondary School

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    Default Re: Post Your Individual State Wrestling Tournament Dates and Links!

    Districts started today in District 3, regionals start in the rest of the state. Pairings will begin the following week.

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