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Thread: Takedown and Half Nelson escape questions

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    1. When one person goes for the takedown, should they ALWAYS have inside control first for a setup? Or can they go for a shot from afar if they are fast? This is where the guy doesn't have inside control or anything, but shoots. Is that just for the drill or can you do that during a live match? In other videos, they show setups from inside control.

    2. I know how to escape the half when you are on your belly, but what do you do when the opponent rolls you over to your back? I know you can bridge out and roll over, roll over as you are being turned to your back, and peel it off. What is the best way to do it?


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    1. of course u can shoot from the outside, outside tie, colar tie, wrist control, underhooks, overhooks, anything

    2.its jus a battle, u get flipped u squirm till ur out, and thrs a trick that is they r too high or to much across ur chest, u grab thr opposite arm pit, bridge and roll, and then u have him in a half and pinning him

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    You can shoot from pretty much anywhere. I like having one arm inside and one arm outside.

    As for the half nelson on your back, my coach taught us to catch the head, get your free arm to the far hip, roll into them to create motion then roll the other way by raising your free hand. Kind of hard to explain, he called it the rock and roll.

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