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    Default A few first year wrestler questions

    1. What should I do if I go for a shot, but I am not fast enough and the opponent sprawls on me. He always spins behind me and gets the two points.

    2. What is the most effective mood to fight in? Calm, angry, aggressive, etc?

    3. When I go for the switch, my opponent always spins in the direction I am, so I cannot get behind him. Sometimes, he pulls me back as I am sitting out, so I sometimes go to my back.
    Any advice here?

    That's all for now, I might edit later. Thank you.

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    Default Re: A few first year wrestler questions

    1) It depends. If you go for the shot and get your hands locked around the leg before he sprawls on you, you can do a couple of things. For the first example, let's imagine you are shooting a head-inside single leg to his left leg (from your perspective, his right leg). This could look something like the following position - A few first year wrestler questions-0_singlelegfinishbeatingatoughsprawl_1279554744179_l.jpg (click to enlarge image)

    You have locked your hands around his leg but he is sprawled out on top of you. From here, unlock your hands and plant your right hand firmly on the mat behind his leg. Post your left hand out in the front. From here, plant your forehead on the mat and get your butt up in the air (a tripod position, if you know what that is). Now, circle around to the right, and continue to circle until you come all the way around him. Then you can release the single leg and secure your takedown.

    If you do not grab the leg and end up with him out in front of you and on top of you, back out. If you are extended, crawl your way back up into a position where you can work to get back up to your feet. Get back into a base (the position you start from on bottom), this is a mainly safe and comfortable position where you can work to get back up to your feet. This is all, of course, before he has taken you down. If he tries to spin behind you, spin with him. Don't give up the takedown - it may seem difficult but once their initial burst wears off where they are trying to get behind you, then you will be able to work back up to your feet.

    2) You need to be calm, but you need to be intense. You do not want to be sloppy because you are overenthusiastic or overhyped for a match - however, you need to be ready.

    "Be intense, yet relaxed, when you step on the mat to do battle! Allow me to elaborate on this key point. Over time, champions learn to develop a routine that allows them to consistently get to their optimal level of mental arousal level prior to matches. This mindset is different for everyone and can change over time. Each athlete is different. Coaches must help athletes identify when they were performing their best and what their mindset was going into the match. Personally, I performed at my best early in high school when I was totally psyched up and attacked my opponent relentlessly. As I matured and faced better competition on national level, I found that I could perform better when I was a little more relaxed. Don?t get me wrong; to be at my best I still had to be intense and focused, but not wound so tight that I did not react quickly or made mistakes." - from Ken Chertow's "The Mindset of a Champion"

    3) I honestly never use a switch much, but I can still try and help you with a few things. It's true - a switch is easy to follow. There's not really a way to counter that, as following is the switch's counter. To execute a switch against somebody who is decent on top, you need to do it FAST. And remember - even if you did not score the reversal with the switch, you created motion. Continue this motion into another move, such as a stand up. Chain wrestling - hit your switch, and if he follows, hit your stand up. Two moves together is better than one.

    If he is able to suck you back during a switch, then I would think that, again, you are not quite doing it fast enough. You shouldn't be in that sit-out position long enough for him to suck you back. If you do get caught up in this position, get on his wrists. Get hand control and he will be unable to suck you back. If he tries to push into you, use his momentum to execute a stand-up. If he tries to suck you back, make sure that you have wrist control, push back into him, and execute a hip-heist (if you don't know what that is, ask your coach). Hope this helped.
    Am I cool now?

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    Default Re: A few first year wrestler questions

    Thanks so much IloveSATS. Unfortunately, I was unable to read this until now. However, I won my match previously today. Luckily I didn't have to deal with finishing a shot when sprawled on. And, I didn't go for the switch, I just did a standup. Also, my mood was confident and my style was "relentless" . I think it helped. Maybe my style and mood will change as I get better.

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