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    My guy is going to face a dude who pretty much just keeps guys at bay w/ head taps. Other than popping and going under to a leg, what else is good?
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    Stiff left jab

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    Assuming you're talking about something like a Kilgore head tap (posts on the forehead for one to a few seconds then switches hands and does it again), I like to do two things:

    1) As he reaches or as he is posted on your head, take your hand and chop his arm to clear it off your head. At the same time, use your other arm to grab above his tricep and drag him by. Basically an arm-drag from there; finish with a sweep, high-c, or just follow him and come behind.

    2) You'll really only want to do this one as he is posted on the head as opposed to reaching. Most wrestlers who use head taps only stay on the head for a few seconds, so time this one well. Let's imagine he's posting with his right hand (from your perspective, his left hand). Take your right hand and grab the wrist of the hand he's posting with. With your left hand, once again, grab above the tricep. You should have control of his arm now. Take his arm and raise it above your head so that he is no longer posting on your forehead. Now, pull his arm down and to the right (diagonally) to about your hip. While you do this, make sure to level change. Once it is at this level, give his arm one more sharp tug to throw him off his balance. Now you can let go of his arm and you will a) have cleared his arm and b) have thrown him off balance (utilizing the tug), and are wide open for a shot of your choice. I normally go straight to a double, but you can probably hit a knee pull single or a sweep, or if you have a kid that really likes low singles he could hit one too.

    I learned this move from watching Chris Villalonga wrestle a lot, and later learned it from Rocky Bonomo at a camp. Here are some videos where he executes it. Things to keep in mind is that they're not necessarily all successful but do demonstrate the technique, and they're not always off the other guy posting on the head. However, it will work just as well when he posts on the head. (0:16 - tries to hit it into a shot but afterwards pulls it into a Russian tie)

    edit: ok, I'm having horrible trouble with the whole URL/embedding video with this second link, so let me just tell you how to get to the video if you want. Go to Flo, type in "villalonga madsen", go to the first result (140: Chris Villalonga-Blair (1:08) Eric Madsen-St. Edward). Start watching - right from the start of the match Villalonga tries to hit it into a shot. Hits it again, and then succeeds on the third attempt, getting in on a single leg at about 0:20.

    You'll see that he hits it most of the time here when an opponent posts on his shoulder so he doesn't quite have to close the same gap as when your opponent posts on the head. This is why the sharp tug at the end of the move is key.

    If you know what a baseball tie is (not too common so not everyone does), then basically, you get a baseball tie off of him posting the head, then you raise it and clear it down and to the right straight into your shot.

    Hope I helped.
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    Yeah, I'd go with the left jab.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IloveSATS View Post

    Hope I helped.
    You did. Thanks a ton!
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