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Thread: JV or Varsity?

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    Ok so I am freshmen on varsity. My record is 9-16. Ok so on friday my record was 6-14. i was getting beat up alittle bit on varsity so my coach sent me to a jv meet and I won 2 by pin pretty quick then I( was winning by 4 and got thrown) lost, then I won(soft sahara to pin) again and lost again. So my question is next week I have a choice stay and wrestle the next JV tournament or the varsity one. HELP!!!!

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    is it possible to do both? our school has them on diferent days, but if u have to pick 1 do varsety, ud b surprised how much faster it makes u better wrestling the top wrestlers

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    [MENTION=24522]The Hunch[/MENTION] Unforunately, no. some matchs I will be able to do both but most no:

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    well if i wr u id go varsety, because itll help soo much in the long run, on jv u will b able to practice moves in matches and perfect them, but thats also practice, on varsety i think its better taking a beating and learning quicker, then giving a beating and not being challenged, and if ur having trouble on varsety then jus make sure wen u go to do a move u tell urself thr is no way this guy will stop me, a mental game is huge, last wed. i had a dual meet aggainst a guy that has wrestled for at least 7 years longer than me (started wen he was 4) and the coaches son. i went in to the match saying thr was no way he could stop me, i was winning the whole match and shutting him down, but unfortunatly last last minute by a point due to a reversal. but it was abattle, and easily the match of the night, and my coach was insainly happy with me and said it was top 3 matches of his 20 years of coaching, bottom line, go in thr ready to fight and mentally ready and u will do work

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    Are you wanting to get better? Or just win? You sound like you can win a lot of matches at jv, but does that make you a better wrestler? You have to wrestle better opponets to get better yourself. You will usually learn more even from a loss. You just have to keep a positive attitude and not get down if you do lose.

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