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    What are some minor habits or techniques that helped transform you from an average wrestler into a really great wrestler? What are some things that are just second nature for the best wrestlers? Thanks.

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    well the thing that makes a wrestler great is just reacting without having to think about it, so u just have to keep repeating the moves over and over, another thing is that every really good wrestler i no has their one bread and butter move that can win them the match, my coaches talk about it every now and then, my one coaches was the cement job, last year mine was a type of hip toss wen ur on top and they try to stand up (the hunch), other than this a huge thing is just explosion, esspecially wen on bottom u just have to tell urself that u r getting out no matter what the kid does and just do it, constant explosion, these r the things my coach say make great wrestlers
    my coach always says the same thing, the diference between an average wrestler, a good wrestler, and a great wrestler
    an average wrestler goes until his body is tired
    a good wrestler goes until his mind is tired
    a great wrestler never stops

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    for me, learning how to continue to do moves, chain wrestling. I started to quickly notice that the really good wrestlers that would usually ride and turn me couldn't really keep me on bottom for too long and my scoring was going through the roof. I was barely scoring 7 pts per match and rarely made it all 3 periods (getting pinned) to scoring over 12 pts per match or pinning my opponent early in the first.

    The next biggest thing was pre-match warm up. I remember the day, I got off the match from a match that I was killing this kid and by the third period it was 14-2 and he pinned me 1ft from the out of bounds line. after that match one of my coaches came up to me and just asked me, "what did you do before the match?". I told him and he said I need to do less b/c I was wearing myself out before I even shake hands. The combination of the two things help me not only go full blast for all 3 periods when needed but I was also finding that I focused better when in wrestling so when I had someone on their back that I could hold them there and either get the pin or wear my opponent out enough so I could pin him next time I put him there.

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    An average wrestler practices something until he does it right, a great wrestler practices something until he never does it wrong.

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