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    So I've read that he is leaving Jackson Memorial wrestling in highschool (just right south of my city) and is heading to Rutgers wrestling (this is also where I was planning to wrestle for college).

    The question is, which campus is he going to? Rutgers has 3 campuses: Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick.
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    Okay so I've finally found what campus he is going too. Sorry, he is going to New Brunswick. Which is exactly where I was planning to go. I never knew they had a good wrestling program over there. So, I'm very excited now.
    "Every artist was first an amateur."
    "You miss 100% of shots you don't take."

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    I think the other 2 cancelled their wrestling programs a long time ago. Rutgers hired his HS coach and recruited a bunch of good guys, so they are poised for success
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    Shameless yet perhaps appropriate plug...

    I recently interviewed Scott Winston and his HS/college coach Scott Goodale for a profile for RevWrestling's RevGold premium subscription service. You can check it out at


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