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Thread: What are you doing to prepare for the season?

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    Lifting and Conditioning Mon-Fri. with drilling and wrestling tues/thurs.
    Few tournaments and clinics til season starts in nov.

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    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I'm wrestling at a local club that I've been going to for years. Mondays and Thursdays are mainly technique days with about fifteen minutes of live at the end, and Tuesdays we do a lot of track running at the beginning, go inside and work some technique, and end it with a 4-4-4 match then sprinting.

    Since the club practices on Monday and Thursday start around 6:30 p.m., I lift from about 4:00-5:30 on Mondays and do a fifteen/twenty minute two mile run on Thursdays. Fridays I lift as well. Every Saturday since around mid-August we've been waking up and going to tournaments that are within a couple hours distance from us. I don't normally cut weight for open tournaments but since I'm wrestling 119 this year, I normally lose about four pounds on Friday before the weigh-ins. I wrestle middle school and high school divisions at the tournament, so I normally get in about eight matches.

    Sundays I wake up at about 9:30 to go to this place called Bikram yoga, which is basically an hour and a half of yoga in a 105 degree room. I know what you all are gonna say, but I keep hearing all these stories about kids getting injured and not being able to wrestle for months, so I'm not taking any chances. After that I go lift and do a conditioning workout of my own.

    I like what I'm doing but it's really hard to be able to fit in all of my schoolwork at the same time, so I'm averaging about four/five hours of sleep at night. I'm also going to one of Ken Chertow's Weekend Warrior camps this October from the 8th through the 10th since that's my fall break.

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