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Thread: trying to find 2 moves

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    Post trying to find 2 moves

    im trying to find a video on the sweep single to boot scoot and a sweep single to back door finish but i cant find them. Does anyone know where i could find some good videos??

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    there you go

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    it helps when I just went over parts of these moves with my kids. just trying to keep some activity up on the forum especially since the high school wrestling season officially starts in a couple of weeks.

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    ya im excited for the season because im a highschool wrestler myself but i have seen the gramby videos but didnt understand them so i was wondering if anyone knew of anything else. I have no trouble with the sweep single i just dont understand the mechanics of the boot scoot or the back door finish iv watched these vids. tons of times. It also doesnt help tht i have noone here to help me learn the moves its difficult to perform them by yourself.

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    also if anyone could help me out with finding a video on the cement mixer.

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    I know and teach the cement mixer as the twister, here you go. you can also go to and purchase the instructional video. it has set ups and everything.

    the boot scoot finish is not how I teach the finish b/c it only works if your opponent is extended over your body and he goes to his hands when you lift, any decent wrestler will not go to their hands when you elevate. it's too simple to counter the boot scoot finish same thing with the particular back door finish. the back door finish, rarely do you have someone that stays locked around your waist when you start to fall to your side, they usually pull on feet.

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    thanks alot

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    actualy i wasnt looking for highlights i was looking for like a free instructional video

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