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Discuss Help from sophmore at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; This will be my second year of wrestling. I want to know if there are ...
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    Electric!! Help from sophmore

    This will be my second year of wrestling. I want to know if there are any good set ups for a double leg for someone who is about 5'10" and 161lbs. I need advice for level changing and how to double leg properly just to see if it can help. I usually push off my back foot while taking a small step with the front then pushing off the front to where my knee touches the mat and then I step up with my left leg and finish. I start off with my right leg in front. Please help!! Any other takedowns that would help would be nice to tell

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    elbow control is a good position to start for hitting double legs. try to use your front leg step to get deep and not the push from your back leg. you might want to try to get into a double leg shot by not shooting forward but by dropping to your knee when you opponent pushes into you. there are a ton of ways to set up for that but at your size and height alot would depend on how you wrestle from feet as well as what your opponent is doing.

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