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Thread: Parent trying to help son!

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    Ok, I've been wrestling for 35 years and now have 3 sons who have been in the sport since they were old enuf to walk. My oldest son is going into his junior year and after spending his freshmen and sophmore year on varsity and only winning 5 matches I wonder why he still does it? Heres the thing, he is a beast 6-4 215lbs, crazy cardio, crazy strength, and mean as hell. But he just doesn't get it after 12 years! He gets so disappointed after a loss but keeps coming back for more. We live in North East, Ohio with some of the best programs in the world.So, I'm asking all, what can I do to help him. He wants to win so badly, not me, I love him for what he is.

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    Has he been doing poorly since he started wrestling 12 years ago, or only in high school? If he hasn't gotten it in 12 years, he probably isn't going to. If he's only been losing in high school, maybe even though he's a beast, he wasn't mature enough as a freshman and sophomore to hang with the older kids. This year may be different. It's difficult to evaluate his problem without seeing him wrestle (too defensive? poor technique? doesn't finish moves?) At any rate, wrestling should be fun and if he's constantly frustrated, maybe it isn't for him. I'm sure you've talked it over with him and he knows that he's doing it for him, not for you, so he should be comfortable in whatever he decides.
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    Have him focus on a gameplan for the match. From neutral, have him focus on a single-leg (or whatever) takedown and then work for it. Think of one strategy from the top and bottom as well. If he is as strong, mean, etc as you say, then maybe his mind is moving too quickly during the match and he defeats himself. Simplify and see what happens.

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    The one thing parents these days need to understand is: WRESTLING IS A YEAR ROUND SPORT! I am not saying that he should be full bore year round, but at least drilling and technique monthly. If he plays football he can still play and possibly figure out some mat time around practice. Like you said, Ohio is one of the best states for wrestling so I am sure you can find a good wrestling club near you! I am lucky enough to live here in PA in a school district that has our own wrestling club that a good reputation. So I got how some top flight wrestlers train! The week after States we had multiple state qualifiers/champions at our school two days a week. Some of these kids traveled over an hour, just to be get the competition. We had guys there getting ready for the "Dapper Dan Classic" to people getting ready for summer freestyle/greco events. I read an article by Cary Kolat and he said that when he was in high school he would travel for hours to train with the best competition. If you son is that big and his cardio is that good, he is definitely working hard! So now you must ask what type of team he is on. Are his teammates motivated during practice sessions? Does he have anybody around his weight class? Some teams don't have very many upper weights. So the amount of competition can be lacking at practice. Also, some coaches do not know how to coach the upper weights. This is where joining a club or multiple clubs will come in handy. Cudos to you steve1969 you didn't wait until the season was half over to try to salvage a couple wins! Go out find your areas best wrestlers/coaches and find out where they are training now. Because I guarantee you that if they are successful, they are already training! He is already training hard, why not train better?

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    as a coach, it sounds as if he is focused on the wrong elements of wrestling. he is probably a work horse off the mat but doesn't do as much on the mat. instead of spending so much time and energy focusing on conditioning and strength, he should spend more time on technique and his personal wrestling style. most kids after 2 years of getting spanked on the mat usually quit, it is very good that losing doesn't make him want to quit. I am not sure what is said to your son after a match but he needs to told first what he did well than he needs to be told what he needs to work on (no that he did it wrong, just that he needs to work on it). I find that most kids lose b/c of 2 things: first thing is from all positions they do not use setups, they just try to go directly into the move which almost never works on a varsity level. second thing is that kids don't prepare mentally to be able to take a physical beating. too many kids get put into bad positions/situations and don't know how to remain focused, they usually break mentally before they do physically. I would talk to the coaches and see if they can help your son get 2 good setups (i mean something that he can actually do at his size), get a go to move from each position so that he feels confident in not only the move but that he can't be stopped when he does it.

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    It all comes down to the sub conscious which controls what you do. You lose match it gets filed in your subconscious, you hear someone talking negative about you, it gets filed. The only way to attack this problem is to get "re-programmed". I have found this to work on this site. Hope it helps.

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