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Thread: Best/most interesting or intense match moments

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    I was just reminiscing about some previous wrestling matches and lookin around on the site and it made me wonder, what are some of the memorable matches or parts of matches people have had? i think we all have them and i just want to hear about some.

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    My first varsity match my team was losing meet I'm HWT so I'm last. The guy take a shot

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    I sprawled did a half got the pin for my team.SO i basically won the meet for my team

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    Favorite memory ever...well, just this past season I was beginning my first year of varsity high school wrestling as a seventh grader because my state allows it, and around mid-December I went to an in-season middle school tournament on a Saturday with my coach and the other two or three middle school students wrestling for the varsity team. Since I wasn't really wrestling on the middle school level, I was relatively unknown at the tournament. I check out the bracket and what do I see - a five man bracket, with three opponents from the what was regarded to be second toughest middle school program in the state, and then one opponent from what was regarded to be the best middle school program in the state. Not that I'm phased by this particularly, but I was a little cocky that day and expected to blow through the tournament with ease. I knew that might not be so true anymore.

    So first round is going on, and the guy I was talking about from the #1 team in the state comes out to wrestle with me. As I'm prepping for the match with my coach and dad, we all hear the opposing coach talking about who I was wrestling. I believe the exact words were, "watch out for this guy, he's one of the toughest at the tournament". They were talking about the other dude, not me (unfortunately ). So I go out and wrestle this guy, and I end up winning it with a final score of 11-2. This came as a bit of a shock to the other coaches, as everyone knew this guy to be a stud, and suddenly he was defeated handily by some unknown scrub (aka me)?

    After the first round ends, a coach from another school comes up and asks for an exhibition. We agree, and I look over to see my opponent. This dude is jacked. I think he was a weight class above me. So we go out, start the match, and he just starts out with a fireworks show. Clubs my head, shoves me around, knocks me silly a few times, but I keep in it just well enough to avoid getting taken down. This goes on for about thirty seconds until we run out of bounds. The initial assault is pretty much over now and he's a little bit tired, so he starts to slow down the pace. I tell myself that this is my chance to take him down, so I start moving my feet around and controlling the motion. After some hand fighting, I snap his head and slam in an underhook, and right as I get in on the underhook and he hasn't had time to bear down on it with an overhook, I throw it by right as I grab the near single leg. It's easy to finish high from here, so I treetop it and swipe his leg away fast, then I pounce on him for the two and ride him out for about twenty seconds to end the rest of the period.

    Second period now and I can see he's starting to gas. He chooses bottom and I feel that I can put some serious punishment on him from top and break him. I ride tough with a tight claw and spiral/tight waist with a few chops added in to stop his first few initial moves, and then I head to work. I set up a crab ride from the claw and I have the half in, ready to hit a stretchback half and nab some back points. Unfortunately, I didn't keep him tight enough to me as I should have and he ends up scrambling a bit to finally get a reversal. I'm down 4-2 now, so I work like crazy to get up and out and succeed. 4-3 now, period ends.

    Third period, I choose bottom. I hit a quick stand up, he chops me, knee slide, stand up again, standing granby and I'm out. Tied up at 4-4. We're both tentative to shoot now, so we hand fight hard but nobody really takes any shots. Before long, though, he hits a nice elbow pass right into a high single, and now he's got my leg and is about to finish. I hit a funk roll out of extreme desperation and I don't think he really had any idea what I was doing, so he was confused for a second as I did some crazy dive for his leg. I succeed in passing the leg, but he still has mine and we end up stalemating after a little scramble. There isn't much time left in the period, so we tie up a bit and then the period ends. You know what time it is now...

    ...overtime. My favorite part of the match I think my varsity high school conditioning compared to his may have played a big part in this overtime period. I can see this dude is totally exhausted, and don't get me wrong, I'm tired, but I've still got enough left in me for this one final push. I go out strong, pressuring him forward and shooting at shots that aren't really even there - I just wanted to find a way to break him. Unfortunately, I start to get a little sloppy and he snaps me straight down into a front headlock. It's a sloppy front headlock, but with victory right in front of his eyes, it doesn't matter to him. He gets the gas for one flurry to end it all, and starts moving me around in the front headlock like crazy. I tie up the elbow, but this guy is just moving so fast, it's getting harder and harder to keep up with him. I watched the replay of the match on video, and I've gotta say, it looks like I'm about to lose it all. But just then, I hit what I'd say is the sickest ankle pick of my career. I don't really even know how it worked, but I took the hand that was tying up the elbow and used it to give him a (perfectly legal, mind you) pop over in his collarbone while reaching with my other hand to the ankle across from me. I put all my force into it and bowl him right over his ankle onto his butt, and he bails out as I cover him for the sweet, sweet takedown.

    Needless to say, my spirits soared and I went on to complete an undefeated tournament.

    I think this is my favorite memory because it was the part where all of my hard work and conditioning showed that it had paid off for me. It was a match that could have gone either way, but it proved to me that the intense approach I take to training and wrestling had helped me to reach my goals. I had the mental discipline to keep wrestling and that was what finally broke the other wrestler. That's what I think, anyways.

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    My second win my sophmore year. i was 1-3 and i had to wrestle up a class. im usually pretty even with most 130's but i had to wrestle a 135. i kept taking him down and racking up back points, and it never seemed like i could seal the pin, it was the start of the 3rd period and we were neutral. i shot hard on a single leg, and tripped him. he got to his knees and i threw the leg in and went for a spladle. i finally got my hand locked to my wrist and wrenched him over. he fought hard and i finally torqued him enoough tht he started wriggling on his back and i got a pin becasue he gave up. it was my first time wrestling up and i managed to win for my team. we lost the meet by 2 mayches. 215 and 285 but my coach and my entire team kept congratulating me and i was so happy. everyone was so poud of me. it was a ver memorable match and i will always remember it.

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