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Discuss Wrestling specific cardio workouts? at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; So yeah preseason is like 3 weeks in and coach has us running for cardio, ...
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    Default Wrestling specific cardio workouts?

    So yeah preseason is like 3 weeks in and coach has us running for cardio, which once it gets past 3 miles is pretty difficult for me. When we wrestle for an hour and a half straight on monday and wedsdays we do 3 two minute rounds, with usually a little more than a minute and a half between matches. Sometimes ill sit a match out but for the most part im wrestling the whole time, and i dont feel as exhausted as i do after a 3 mile run.

    Is there any other way to get good cardio without having to always run?

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    Default Re: Wrestling specific cardio workouts?

    First off, Aerobic training for wrestling should not be everyday. Work in sprints, from 50, 100, and even 200 meters. If can remember correctly... I asked Kendall Cross (Olympic champ) during one of his clinics how he ran in the off/preseason. He said he'd run long distance twice a week starting from one mile a week, then two miles the next week, and so on until four miles, at which point he'd stop when Season was nearing. After that, no more (or at least very little) aerobic work.

    Secondly, use a weight lifting program that is full body and will work on your muscular endurance.

    Last but not least, you should live wrestle more often. Three sets of two minute rounds isn't much when it comes to working your energy systems, even after about an hour of practice. Every high level coach and wrestler I've talked to has told me to do at least 15 minutes of live wrestling each practice.

    I've asked Stephen Abas (Silver Medalist @ Olympics, 2x NCAA Champ) during one of his camps, and he suggest varying the live wrestle durations every day/week or so just to keep it fresh. "Some days do 30 minutes, other days do 15 minutes, some days just let practice be mostly live wrestling".

    Hope this helps, it sure did for me. After one month of Strength and Conditioning (weight lifting program), I've lost nearly 3 pounds (I was 9% BF) and feel in great shape, and we haven't even started to live wrestle yet.

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    Default Re: Wrestling specific cardio workouts?

    Thanks for the advice. this is the OP but i forgot my password haha
    I usually get at least 7 matches in a practice
    i'll try what you said about 1 mile one week then bump it up to 2 miles etc. and i think ill keep running like once or twice a week during season for like 2 miles... does that sound good? or should i just stop during season

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