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    Default 2010 Super 32 Wrestling Tournament, Super 32 Brackets, Results, Videos, & Discussion

    October 30-31 ? Greensboro, NC

    • Largest and Most competitive pre-season tournament in the country
    • Approx 2,000 wrestlers
    • Close to 200 state champions in 2009!
    • 50+ college coaches in attendance last year

    As the Super 32 Challenge has become the premier pre-season tournament in the country, we continue to work hard to find ways to improve our event. We are excited to announce the following changes to be implemented with this year?s tournament. More details to follow this summer!

    • The opportunity for Early Registration in the High School Division will be extended to:
      • Previous Super 32 placers (any year, High School Division only)
      • State Championship Finalists from all Varsity High School Individual State Championships, 2009-10 season
      • Top 4 placers from Varsity High School Individual State Championships, 2009-10 season, in the following states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Indiana

    • We will be holding Qualifying Tournaments (High School Division) in several states between late August and mid September. The top 4 placers will be given the opportunity for Early Registration
    • Competition in the High School Division will be held over 2 days. Weigh-ins will still be Friday night. Competition will begin Saturday morning and run through the Round of 16. Quarterfinals will be on Sunday, and the period length on Sunday matches will be extended to 2-1.5-1.5.
    • An additional 500 entries will be allowed in the High School Division
    • Middle School competition will be held on Sunday only (weigh-ins Saturday evening)
    • Belts will be given in the Middle School Division
    • College out-of-bounds rule will be used
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    Default Re: 2010 Super 32 Wrestling Tournament, Super 32 Brackets, Results, Videos, & Discussion

    I'm actually heading over to a qualifying tournament about an hour away from me for the HS tournament, which I've been in training for over the past few months. If I make the top 4, awesome, I get to go wrestle in the high school tournament, and if I don't make the top 4, then hey, I can just drop down the middle school tournament.

    An interesting fact, however - Joey Dance is also in my bracket for the qualifying tournament (119), who won the Super 32 last year (defeating Freddie Rodriguez en-route to the title), and placed second to Gulibon at Flonationals. Dude is a stud. If I get the chance to wrestle him at the qualifiers, I'll make sure to post a video of match up here for you guys to watch. .

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