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Discuss My Highschool Career at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Hey guys, i am coming into my sophomore season in Wisconsin, and i would appreciate ...
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    Default My Highschool Career

    Hey guys, i am coming into my sophomore season in Wisconsin, and i would appreciate any feedback/advice you guys can give me to help further my success in high school.

    Height: 5'11 (and a half, nearly 6'0)
    Weight: I frequent around 170 pounds as of late

    My top moves~
    My favorite and best moves are:
    The Cradle
    Snap down to front head
    Single Leg attacks
    Russian Tie (2 on 1)
    Lateral Drop
    Slide By
    High Crotch
    Double Legs (sometimes)
    Arm Spin

    My Goals:
    To be a State Qualifier and a State Champ (WIAA)
    Greco-Roman State Champ
    Freestyle State Champ
    Folkstyle State Champ
    Greco-Roman National Champ (My favorite style)

    My Training Program:
    During the wrestling season i obviously train with my team
    Right after the season is over i start training Greco and Freestyle along with a weekly lifting routine and agility drills.
    Once summer starts i attend 3 different wrestling camps throughout the summer.
    I have a weekly early morning lifting routine. I dedicate 3 to lifting, and 2 to cardio and agility.
    I train all summer, and once fall comes around i run cross country to stay in top cardiovascular condition for wrestling season. While still maintaining a fairly regular lifting schedule 2-3 times a week. Then i go to open mats 2 times a week after cross country practice.
    Then the season starts out all over again.

    Any tips on how i can improve this plan? Also, any tips on improving my Greco-Roman Wrestling? I know its a longshot to win nationals but i love it and am willing to work extremely hard to achieve it.

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    Default Re: My Highschool Career

    Back in high school I used to do sprint after sprint. Wrestling is a high speed chess match, it is a sport of explosion. Because of that, it is important to train, for lack of a better word, explosively. When you run, run sprints, when you lift, push/pull/lift the weight explosively (while maintaining correct form). The biggest piece of advice for a new wrestler though, is drill drill drill. As previously mentioned, wrestling is a high speed chess match, so it is very much to your advantage for your body to get used to performing them over and over without you even having to think on it. Make sure you have the fundamental moves down first (double, single, Hi-C, etc) before you attempt to get good at moves like the lateral drop and such. For me, the trick to familiarizing myself with the moves was to watch as much wrestling as possible. Take advantage of things such as live streaming on the big ten network for 2.99 a match, even now in college I find myself learning many different things from watching good, competitive wrestling. Good luck and keep us updated on how things progress

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    Default Re: My Highschool Career

    I was lucky enough to watch one of the kids in the club program win his first Nation Title this year at Fargo in Greco. One thing I was very impressed with was that no matter what he has accomplished he always try to do what he did better. He one his first State title this year as a sophomore and actually bumped up a weight class to do it. He didn't cut weight to start and he was a little undersized when he bumped up. No matter how he does against any one, he always tries to one up himself. I find that his main focus is learning more than training. He is constantly trying to figure out how to put himself in good position at all times as well as reduce the amount of time he spends in bad position. Through out the season, all the matches that I watched of him, he rarely if ever put himself in a position that he could not score in. He always wrestled different kids of different sizes at practice and tried to not just win but control his opponents every move. BTW his name is Scott Gibbons.

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