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    I have seen this referred to as the Cement Mixer before, not Cement Job. And wasn't there either an NCAA final or semis that someone was behind by over 8 points and they hit this move in the last period to pin the guy.? It was about 7 or eight years ago (maybe more)?

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    Yes, I looked it up, it was Rob Rohn in the 2002 finals. This is what I found:

    In perhaps the most stunning win by fall in NCAA history, Lehigh's Rob Rohn became his school's first NCAA champion since 1990 by decking Oklahoma's Josh Lambrecht with 0:13 seconds left in the finals at 184 pounds. He was trailing 14-5 when the fall occurred. With under a minute left he went for broke with one of his notorious Lehigh Valley "Concrete Specials," technically known in Eastern PA as a 'cement mixer.' In the move, Rohn hooked up a front headlock then spun himself upside down and out on top, twisting the Sooner to his back while the entire crowd erupted in sheer bedlam. The pin did not come easily but boosted by the frenzied crowd of over 12,600, Rohn scored the fall which won him the Manny Gorrarian Trophy -- four falls in 13:28. One of those falls was in the semi-finals against Jessman Smith of Iowa (left).

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    the "cement job" has been popular here in the Lehigh Valley for almost 25 years. we really dont get to see it too often now since its so common.

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