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    Ok, I'm a sophmore, right now, I've never wreslted other than like goofing off, or wrestling with my uncle who went to state (didn't place but still went). I am thinking of going out for wrestling my Jr. year (yes i know it's late), i know i can go this year, but i'm going to talk to the coach about just going in and training, and practicing this year, and if i do do decent to maybe do alittle jv. I go to Algona highschool in iowa were wrestling is accepted and is almost like worshipped in some parts of the school (our wrestling room has all our best wreslters on it).
    But i'm wondering what are some good compound lifts to start the strenght training off. and good circuit excersises. and also, is it too late my jr year if i still want to wrestle in a community college

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    it never to late to start wrestling

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    There are a lot of great wrestlers on this site. I am not one of them, but check out the "Workout and training tips" part and ask that question there. Those dudes can probably help you.

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