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Thread: how to increase shot speed

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    Are you actually trying to be more effective on your feet? Perhaps the issue isn't speed but your set-ups, positioning and timing when taking your shots. I recommend you work directly with your coach to find the right fix. Good luck.
    This. While you are working on getting faster, also work on getting closer to your opponent's leg and in better position before you shoot. There's some world level guys who don't have very fast shots, but they pick up the leg every time because they are positioned perfectly.

    Remember to change elevation. Diving downward towards someone's leg is neither fast nor effective.

    And this. Unless you are litting a really low shot (ankle picks etc) your motion should be UP into your opponent.

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    jump squats, walking lunges, rubber tubing as resistance
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    most people so far have given the perfect response: WORK ON YOUR SET-UPS! Having a "faster" shot isn't necessarily about the speed of the actual movement, but what you do before you move. Practicing your set-ups and your level change are most important. Catching an opponent off-balance, getting him to step into your shot, or effectively using ties will make it a lot easier to get to the legs cleanly

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    You need to work your eplosion with your legs, but your power/strength and your footwork are just as important. Here: deadlifts, squats, burpees, ladders, jumprope, box jumps, interval sprints (try sprinting uphill), lunges. Lift heavy, get your numbers up. Power really helps your shots.It gives you the ability to "drive". It's not just about GETTING TO your target, it's about GOING THROUGH your target. A good shot will have you end at least 2 feet behind your opponent's hips. That's where the strength and power come in. Net, lift explosively. THis helps your initial movement, or your "burst". This makes it so your first step is fast, and you can get in cleaner. Lastly, you need to work your footwork just as much as anything else. This helps with your set ups and the actual shot. If you have nice footwork, you can throw a lot of fakes. A good reshot is inifinitely better than shot from distance without a set up. Also, shadow wrestle and work a lot on your finishes. The more you have, the better. That's pretty much it. Remember everything in here. Trust me, if you follow all of this, your shots will be awesome.
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