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    Hey guys,

    I just joined a hardcore mma esque gym where they teach almost everything (JJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Combat Conditioning etc.) because I simply could not resist. My question is, will it be detrimental to my wrestling? My first priority will always be wrestling. I have one year left and I have not won anything major, I really want it next year. I've been practicing all offseason and plan to practice preseason as well (tournaments, camps, and all that). Is it better for me to just stick to wrestling or is it okay for me to try something new for summer? Should I just spend the money on another wrestling camp?

    Has anyone ever had this experience before?

    Thanks guys, this question has probably been asked to death, but my search engine functions are messed up and I really need an answer.

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    I think it depends on how much you were willing to spend on a wrestling camp. If there is a good one in your area (don't know where you live) I'd use my money on that. If there are summer wrestling clubs that are free or the same cost as the gym you're going to, I'd do that. But, if those aren't options, I'd find a judo school and learn throws because they work in wrestling, too.

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    If anything it will help your wrestling.

    I handful of the kids I coach started taking some BJJ classes after the season ended and I joined them. I think it is a good transition to help their wrestling next year.

    First, as you have noticed, there is a lot of wrestling that is used in MMA. I am sure your takedowns, takedown defense, and reversals are helping you in your classes and others may be learning from you as well.

    Second, I like that while in a BJJ class, it seems the more relaxed and calm you are, the more of an advantage you have. It is not really the most intense and aggressive BJJ player that scores more often, but rather the most relaxed.

    Lastly, MMA is just enough different than traditional wrestling that you can feel like you are working on wrestling, but not get burned out. Sometimes doing season after season of the same sport makes it feel stale and almost like a chore. Taking MMA classes will keep wrestling fresh and you are less likely to get burned out....even though they are cousin sports.

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    Thanks for the response guys. Sorry for the late reply, I've been busting my tail practicing and trying to find a job.

    I've decided to join the gym due to the fact that my wrestling club, and every other club in my area, will not have practice for at least a month and a half. I've decided to try new things out to keep in "combat shape" and to relax myself from the typical stress of nonstop wrestling. It's been awhile since I was this excited to try something new.

    There are no wrestling clubs near my area, the closest one is a long, long drive. I've also attended 2 camps and am down on money and trying to look for a job. I don't think another camp will be worth my money, as I have no wrestling room to practice the moves I learn from a camp for at least a month and a half. Thanks for your reply though, I really appreciate it.

    Thanks for everything guys (all two of you haha).

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