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    Is the firemans carry a good takedown or is it just junk? Can it be hit on high level guys?
    Plus if it works for you how do you do it dump, roll, throw? How do you step?

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    It's one of the staple moves all of the way through college. The best guys at the technique will have a half dozen different set ups and just as many finishes (like any good technique)

    We've got over a dozen clips from various guys on the fireman's carry- they can be found in our technique library here: Firemans Carry.

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    I like the takedown but i just have trouble doing it fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2cNB View Post
    I like the takedown but i just have trouble doing it fast.
    First off, Welcome to TWT!

    Lots and lots of practice. You have roughly four months until practice starts. If you practice it 10 times a day (mixing up shadow wrestling & doing it with a team mate or family member when available) you can have over 1,200 attempts in before the season even begins. Throw 10 powerful stand ups in there as your set up (practice getting an escape and immediately hitting a firemans or Hi-crotch) and you'll be amazed by the strides you take before the season starts.

    Just remember.. focus on each individual attempt to make it better, more powerful, and faster than the last one. Don't just go through the motions!

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    The keys to a good fireman's is penetration, change of level and balance.

    Make sure your target is not the wrestler themselves when you hit the move, but a good foot or so behind them. Step through their legs so you are close and tight to them, much like you would with a well-executed double.This will allow you to hit the move without mentally slowing or easing up as you penetrate.

    Also, make sure you do not lean back, but rather keep your posture tight and leaning into them, tugging the wrestler's arm close to you. This will take them from their position of strength (balance) and will give you the leverage you need to accomplish the carry. The more you take them out of their comfort zone by getting them off-balance, while staying in yours, the less resistance they can muster.

    I'd recommend practicing this move slow, but with purpose. Keep on hitting it, focusing on getting in tight and pulling the arm down with you. When you get more confident with the shot, you can then add speed.

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    Thanks for all of the tips! I feel like i'm getting better from practicing an escape and then hitting the takedown.

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