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Discuss Straight single at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Could you use a straight single as a main part of your offense? Is it ...
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    Could you use a straight single as a main part of your offense? Is it consistently effective?

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    A single leg takedown should be a mainstay in anyone's offense, but there's really no such thing as a straight single. There are many different set-ups, many different ways to shoot a single leg, and many different finishes. Beginning wrestlers should try everything and see what they feel comfortable with. Advanced wrestlers should perfect a variety of moves and variations of these moves, so that they know what are their "go to" moves when they need to give it their best shot, and what moves are in their arsenal when an opening arises.
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    The single by itself can be ineffective. A good wrestler will easily defend a single that doesn't quickly transition to something else. If a wrestler wishes to utilize a single as his primary attack then he needs to learn transitions that the single feed into such as a seatbelt single, single to a tight-waist Navy takedown, etc.

    I coach junior league (6-12 year olds) and the single is one of the last things we teach. Quite simply, a double almost always gets your opponent to the mat, a single almost always requires a transition to get your opponent to the mat. For inexperienced wrestlers the quicker they get the opponent to the mat the better. Unless you transition quickly then all you are doing is giving your opponent time to hop around on one foot and try to counter with a reach-behind cradle or escape with a rollout.

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