Lineups can be found on www.californiagrappler.comNUWAY America?s Cup National Duals ? PPV Details

The NUWAY America?s Cup National Duals will bring together teams from some of the toughest wrestling states in the country ? Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, and several sectional California teams. This kick-off event will not only provide great wrestling for those who can be in attendance, but for the same price of admission, fans from around the world can tune in to the same outstanding wrestling in a feature-rich format. This will not be a ?webcast? or a ?stream? in the traditional sense, but rather an Internet broadcast of a much higher quality to showcase the sport and the support that wrestling has all over the world. The broadcast will feature:

? Two streams of video ? the feature mat and the 2nd mat ? The option for the user to watch either the feature mat OR the 2nd mat at anytime and the ability to switch back and forth as often as is desired. ? Live switching of multiple cameras on the feature mat ? Live announcing of the action on the feature mat with score updates, wrestler insight, and color commentary ? A broadcast of significantly higher quality than Internet wrestling users have experienced in the past ? ?and much more

COST There are two options for the PPV. (1) $10 for 8 hours of viewing time on a live-only basis. (2) $15 for unlimited viewing time for the live events, plus 30 days of on-demand access to replay any of the action whenever you?d like.

HOW The link for the PPV is here. http://www.savecaliforniawrestling.c...YAMCUPPPV.html

Each user will need to either (a) ?Create New Account? (if you have not signed up before) or (b) ?Login? at the top of the page. This is where you will purchase the broadcast and login on the day of the event. If you have any questions, there is a ?Help? link at the top of the page and on the broadcast day, there will be live event service reps to help with any additional problems.

SCHEDULE Details for the two wrestling dates are as follows so you can be sure to tune into the action.

Friday, June 4th @ Cal State Fullerton Wrestling begins at 5:00pm and projected finish is approximately 11:00pm ? 3 rounds of duals* RD1 ? Southern Section CA vs. Michigan, San Diego CA vs. Nevada RD2 ? San Diego CA vs. New Jersey, Southern Section CA vs. Nevada RD3 ? Southern Section CA vs. New Jersey, San Diego CA vs. Michigan

Saturday, June 5th @ Clovis High School Wrestling begins at 4:00pm and projected finish is approximately 10:00pm ? 3 rounds of duals* RD1 ? New Jersey vs. Michigan, Central Valley CA vs. Nevada RD2 ? Central Valley CA vs. Michigan, Nevada vs. New Jersey RD3 ? Central Valley CA vs. New Jersey, Nevada vs. Michigan *schedule subject to change

WHAT CAN I DO? (1) Attend the event (2) Sign up for the PPV broadcast. Remember, you have 30 days to watch it if you select the 2nd option. (3) Spread the word including through all social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc). On the right-hand side of the broadcast page (see link above), there is an easy way to share this info with everyone you know.

If you love wrestling and would like the opportunity to not only have more events like this, but the ability to watch them from your own home, please do your part! It's as simple as just sharing with all your friends.