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    Hey just wondering what your views are on wrestling through the spring? Do a lot of you do it and is it required to be a succesful wrestler, state champ or make college team?

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    Its definitely not required to be any of those three things, but its like anything else- the more you do it the better you'll be.

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    Spring Wrestling is focused more on two other styles of wrestling, Freestyle and Greco; being introduced to these styles and being able to learn the different techniques will round out your personal style and make you a better wrestler. Give it a try.

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    Wrestling in the spring (normally freestyle and greco) will make you a much better wrestler. It's not required for any of the things that you stated but it will greatly increase the odds that you become successful. Getting more mat time will never hurt you and I would really encourage you to try out the other styles.
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    You should always wrestle with 100% intensity, but consider the spring/summer season as practice and a learning experience. Don't take winning and losing too seriously or you'll burn yourself out mentally. Do your best, learn what you can, sharpen your skills, and above all, have fun.

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