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Discuss Another "New Wrestler" thread (sorry :p) at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; So i'm a freshman and i just finished up my first wrestling season with a ...
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    Information Another "New Wrestler" thread (sorry :p)

    So i'm a freshman and i just finished up my first wrestling season with a record of 15-8. How normal is this?

    Also i plan to do Greco and Freestyle wrestling in about a month and a half when it starts for my school. (Wausau West High School). And in the summer i'm going to 3 wrestling camps, one goes from the end of june and goes until the beginning of august, one is a week long in august, and one is a seminar where Badger state wrestlers come in. I currently wrestle 152 and plan to stay there for the next year or two.

    Also some additional info, one of our coaches Troy Fabry was a national place winner and all american college wrestler. And he runs the June-august Wrestling camp. Is this a good plan for me to become an exceptional wrestler? My goal is by my senior year of high school to be a state place winner.

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    Default Re: Another "New Wrestler" thread (sorry :p)

    Well, you wrestle for a High School with a pretty good track record so doing well in your first year isn't abnormal..

    Get as much mat time as you can this summer, but don't stray away from perfecting your basic techniques and shot finishes for greco's throws. (They have their place, too)

    Set your goal higher. You have a staff that knows what it takes to win state titles so ask one of them to help you build a day to day play from now until the state finals next year.

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    Default Re: Another "New Wrestler" thread (sorry :p)

    Thats really good considering its your first year are you on varsity or jv? also alot of people their first year win baarely any if any of there matches so your a real good wrestler for it being your first year and any experiance you can get the better so all those camps and freestyle will help you alot
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