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Discuss Trusty at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; What do you think about the CO. boys. A good turnout I thought, I was ...
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    What do you think about the CO. boys. A good turnout I thought, I was surprised at Tucker and Cody in their results. But I was shocked about Graff maybe he should head to college instead of OTC. Sonny finaly gets it done in a tourney that has no Foster.

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    I think we did great, and on the edge of doing exceptional. With only 17 wrestlers representing our state, that turned in 5 medals, has to be one of the highest percentages of any of the states (30% AA'd). I figured we'd have 2 in the finals, but Cody wasn't one of them, so that was a wash. Even though Sonny won the title, I'd have to give the states OW to Cody, knocking of 2 JR National Champs in back to back matches was awesome!

    I hope Tyler does reconsider his future options, even if it means going the JUCO route 1st. The poor kid just has no workout partners what so ever, and once you start meeting the nations best it will make a difference.

    Tucker's 7th place is a bit misleading, he did go 0-1, 0-2 with Bradley and then I think just didn't rebound in time for the SD kid. He's a tweener (215/HWT) and I think he would have done really good at 215, but I'm sure the Huskers are more interested in the future and want him to bulk. I still think he'll have the finest college career out of this years group.

    Sonny finally got his title, but I wish Foster would have been there.

    LeValley, can't say enough good things about this kid, just great and look forward to watching him @Bucknell.

    Next year????

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