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Discuss First round Fargo Junior Freestyle Iowa winners at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; First round Fargo Junior Freestyle Iowa winners 112 George Ivanov fall over Bhavik Patel (IL) ...
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    Default First round Fargo Junior Freestyle Iowa winners

    First round Fargo Junior Freestyle Iowa winners

    112 George Ivanov fall over Bhavik Patel (IL)
    Andrew Long fall over Jamie Warczynski (IL)
    119 Jake Demmon fall over Ryan Briggs (OH)
    125 Matt McDonough tech fall over Dominic Randazzo (OH) 7-0, 6-0
    Nate Moore fall over Matt Pinero (LA)
    130 Dalton Jensen tech fall over Tommy Pretty (OH) 8-1, 7-0
    Travis Evans over Dominic Spencer (IN) 1-0, 4-3
    Matt Kittleson tech fall over Aaron Kunnemann (MO) 8-0, 8-1
    135 Matt Mougin over Marl Lewandowski (NY)5-2, 3-1
    Alec Hoffman tech fall over Izaak Winter (KS) 6-0, 9-2
    Anthony Campbell over Harrison Graf (TX) 4-2, 7-0
    Quin Leith over Brandon Ward (IN) 3-2, 3-2
    140 Mitch Hines tech fall over Dane White (ID) 7-1, 6-0
    Esai Dominguez tech fall over Dan Deslaurius (MN) 6-0, 7-0
    Theran Goodale over Jared Hartley (WY) 4-1, 2-1
    Tyler Carew fall over Adam Siebenaler (MN)
    145 Jacob Groth fall over Zach Shoulders (TX)
    152 Trent Weatherman tech fall over Jake Varilek (MI) 6-0, 7-2
    Robert Kellogg fall over Carter Lorant (AL)
    160 Brad Lower over Tommy Timothy (FL) 5-1, 2-1
    Dale Handley over Carter Downs (FL) 3-4, 8-1, 5-0
    Dustin Balsley over Jordan Rohrich (MT) 3-0, 1-0
    171 Brett Rosedale fall over Calvin Ferguson (MN)
    Ben Scott over Gage Szablewski (IL) 6-0, 3-1
    Grant Gambrall tech fall over Blake Salyer (NC) 6-0, 8-2
    Dylan Wrage tech fall over Luke Canterbury (WV) 7-1, 6-0
    189 Josh Ihnen fall over Matt Nagel (ND)
    Brodie Ambrose tech fall over Matt McCarter (IL) 7-0, 6-0
    Will Worthy over Ken Massey (PA) 2-1, 3-1
    215 Byron Tate over Bryan Floyd (GA) 1-0, 5-0
    285 Hiram Serrano fall over David Sikora (NY)
    Jeff Cain over Adam Barichio (OR) 2-0, 2-0
    Eric Thompson over Brandon Barlow (OH) 1-0, 1-0

    Plus Mark Balweg won by Fall

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    Default Re: First round Fargo Junior Freestyle Iowa winners

    Match #2 Tyler Grask (Iowa) over Justin Wight (Indiana) Dec 2-0,4-2
    Match #2 James Inghram (Ohio) over Nick Trizzino (Iowa) Dec 1-0,4-0
    Match #2 Jake Demmon (Iowa) over Steven Joseph (Florida) Dec 0-5,6-5,2-1
    Match #2 Dale Jarosz (Illinois) over Brian Cross (Iowa) TF 7-0,7-0
    Match #2 Jacob Thornton (Missouri) over Drew Hinschberger (Iowa)TF 6-3,7-0
    Match #2 Matt McDonough (Iowa) over Sean Gunn (Maryland) TF 7-0,6-0
    Match #2 Nate Moore (Iowa) over Dakota Holt (NCarolina) Fall 0:59
    Match #2 Jake Mirocha (Iowa) over Jason Reiser (Washington) TF 8-1,7-0
    Match #2 Dalton Jensen (Iowa) over Jose Alonzo (Idaho) TF 7-0,7-0
    Match #2 Mark Ballweg (Iowa) over Blake Mangum (Utah) TF 7-0,7-0
    Match #2 Kendall Albert (Georgia) over Travis Evans (Iowa) Fall 8-1,1:35
    Match #2 Matt Kittleson (Iowa) over Drew Erickson (Oregon) TF 6-0,6-0
    Match #2 Alec Hoffman (Iowa) over Tyler Hutchens (Virginia) Dec 3-1,3-2
    Match #2 Matt Mougin (Iowa) over Kyle Marsh (Indiana) Dec 7-0,2-2
    Match #2 Anthony Jerome (NYork) over Anthony Campbell (Iowa) Fall 3-1,1-3,1:41
    Match #2 Quin Leith (Iowa) over David Green (Illinois) Dec 1-0,8-2
    Match #3 Quin Leith (Iowa) received a bye.
    Match #2 Shawn Harris (Ohio) over Mitch Hines (Iowa) Dec 6-1,7-0
    Match #2 Esai Dominguez (Iowa) over Jerin Miller (California) Dec 4-0,9-1
    Match #2 Jonah Cruz (California) over John Nicholson (Iowa) Dec 6-3,3-0
    Match #2 Jeremy Padilla (Nevada) over Theran Goodale (Iowa) Dec 5-2,1-0
    Match #2 Ian Desol (NYork) over Joseph Atwell (Iowa) Dec 0-1,3-1,6-0
    Match #2 Zachary Clemente (NYork) over Tyler Carew (Iowa) TF 6-0,9-2
    Match #2 Mario Mason (NJersey) over Jacob Groth (Iowa) Fall 1:10
    Match #2 Ryan Jimenez (Arizona) over Michael Edgington (Iowa) ID
    Match #2 Eric Cubberly (Ohio) over Marcus Edgington (Iowa) Dec 2-0,6-0
    Match #2 Trent Weatherman (Iowa) over Joey Sheridan (Oklahoma) Dec 2-6,4-3,2-0
    Match #2 Robert Kellogg (Iowa) over Matt Booth (Wyoming) TF 8-2,7-0
    Match #2 Stew Gillmor (Iowa) over Josh Cyr (Missouri) TF 7-0,6-0
    Match #2 Brad Lower (Iowa) over Dustin Burton (Texas) Fall 1:19
    Match #2 Jeremy Garvin (Iowa) over Shelby Mappes (Indiana) Fall 7-0,0:46
    Match #2 Mike Mccoy (Ohio) over Dale Handley (Iowa) Dec 2-3,2-1,3-3
    Match #2 Dustin Balsley (Iowa) over Jason Spaw (Missouri) Fall 1:20
    Match #2 Nathan Graham (NYork) over Brett Rosedale (Iowa) Dec 3-1,1-0
    Match #2 Juan Vega (NJersey) over Ben Scott (Iowa) TF 8-0,6-0
    Match #2 Grant Gambrall (Iowa) over Derrick Yant (Ohio) Dec 5-0,2-1
    Match #2 Dylan Wrage (Iowa) over Alex Martocello (NYork) Dec 6-3,7-0
    Match #2 Josh Ihnen (Iowa) over Cory Mcgrady (Indiana) Dec 7-2,7-0
    Match #2 Brodie Ambrose (Iowa) over Gerald Lawrence (Virginia) TF 7-0,7-0
    Match #2 Adam Fager (Utah) over Will Worthy (Iowa) Dec 5-1,3-0
    Match #2 Logan Poe (Iowa) over Michael Renteria (Arizona) Fall 3-2,2-3,1:08
    Match #2 Nate Scheidel (NYork) over Vinnie Wagner (Iowa) Dec 4-1,7-0
    Match #2 Pat Walsh (Massachusetts) over Brian Sievers (Iowa) TF 7-0,8-1
    Match #2 Byron Tate (Iowa) over James Martin (Washington) Dec 6-0,3-0
    Match #2 Hiram Serrano (Iowa) over Clayton Jack (California) Dec 4-3,1-6,3-2
    Match #2 Blake Raising (Iowa) over Zak Saevre (Wisconsin) Dec 2-0,2-0
    Match #2 Ziad Haddad (Pennsylvania) over Jeff Cain (Iowa) Dec 0-1,3-0,3-2
    Match #2 Eric Thompson (Iowa) over Bucky Shaw (Armed Forces) Fall 0:49

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    Default Re: First round Fargo Junior Freestyle Iowa winners

    Why did Dominguez move from Omaha to Iowa??

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    Default Re: First round Fargo Junior Freestyle Iowa winners

    Team scores going into the finals.

    1. Illinois 44.00
    2. Iowa 42.00
    3. New Jersey 42.00
    4. Minnesota 37.00
    5. Missouri 36.00
    6. Oregon 29.00
    7. Pennsylvania 28.00
    8. California 26.00
    9. Washington 25.00
    10. Colorado 23.00

    Hagebakke Universtiy, a fine establishment indeed!!!

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