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Discuss Cross training for wrestling at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Several wrestlers have asked about what other sports and what other martial arts sports are ...
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    Default Cross training for wrestling

    Several wrestlers have asked about what other sports and what other martial arts sports are good training for wrestling.

    Locally some places are offering MMA (mostly grappling) style training for kids as young as 14.

    I have had a mixed bag of martial art training from the military much of which is not applicable to wrestling because it involves causing injury.

    My thoughts are that most grappling training involves submissions that can't be used in wrestling or teaches many techniques that involve grappling/defending from your own back. (Not a good idea in wrestling in most cases)

    My thoughts are Judo gives the most directly transferable techniques to wrestling of the martial arts but I am not a expert.

    Any thoughts or opinions about what martial arts have the most skills that directly transfer to wrestling and that are things a high school aged kid could do?
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    Default Re: Cross training for wrestling

    Judo is great, there are numerous wrestlers with great judo backgrounds. It teaches things like balance and flexibility that can help in wrestling. Along with some cool throws that will excite the girls.
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    Default Re: Cross training for wrestling

    Yeah I'mm gonna have to say Judo is the best. We run submission grappling in the off season to give guys something else to do and keep them working out. It does take a little adjusting to but several of my kids dominated straight ju jitsu guys in tournaments this summer. We work mostly top and submissions from the there.

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    Default Re: Cross training for wrestling

    the best thing about Judo is you can usually find someone or some group teaching it free -either for Sr. citizens or the local community center -alot of kids can't afford the cost of MMA and weightlifting -although weightlifting has become so common that there are at least 4-5 rec. centers where people can lift for $2 a visit -a free judo program or T'ai-chi would be great for the younger kids -
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    Default Re: Cross training for wrestling

    Something that doesn't have anything to do with wrestling or that is similar to it. IMO, the best cross training for wrestling is soccer. Almost all of my wrestlers play soccer and we always bring a soccer ball with us on road trips to tournaments or camps.
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