I recently attended a coaches school in Yakima and got some really good information on coaching. It was not a "wrestling" workshop but a coaching one. There were coaches from every sport. When I was there I heard Bruce Barnes talk. He was very good and I came home with several of his booklets. I plan to buy a couple of his books as well. I was wondering if anyone here knew of any specific books that you would recommend. I'm not looking for information about drills and moves but more about how to coach, motivate athletes and run a program. I've got Gable's book "Coaching Wrestling Succesfully" and it is very good. i would recommend Bruce Barnes' booklets as well. I've read three of them, one about Captains, one about Turning around a program and the one I'm reading now is about turning your athletes into competitors. All very good.

Check out Bruce Barnes at http://www.proactivecoaching.info/ . His stuff has been pretty good so far and it is applicable for all sports.