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    Default Any Real Chance

    Do we really stand a chance against the Russian Juggernaut ? The entire Russian team may medal -I don't see us taking a gold anywhere . Maybe 121, but after that ?

    I'm sorry to sound so pessemistic it's just the Russian's look -even their Hwt-shredded and ready .

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    sorry to turn this into a predictions thread, but here are mine

    50 cejudo --5th.

    60 --

    66 schwab -- 5th.
    he just doesnt have the freestyle scrambling ability to medal. his upperbody wrestling is weak, and he doesnt have anyone in the us who can acclimate him to upperbody wrestling. although he did make a great call picking frayer as his training parter.

    74 askren --5th
    if he wants to medal, he has to make sure all of his matches go to the 3rd period. another problem: if an european scores early on him, i just dont see him being able to penetrate their defense. however, if he wrestles fundora in the medal rounds, he'll come home with a medal. i think he matches up great with fundora.

    84 hrovat --7th

    96 cormier -- bronze.
    maybe silver if he doesnt see the russian until the finals

    hwt - silver
    he's the only one i see going for the gold

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    oh, and as a team we'll come in 3rd, after
    RUSSIA -- all will probably medal
    CUBA -- 60, 66, hwt will medal. with 55 and 74 at 5th.

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