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    Certainly the best wrestling story I have ever read by a non-wrestling-connected writer. Possibly the best wrestling story I have ever read. I laughed until tears ran down my face.

    So, with that background, it was the day of the gold medal baseball game. Tommy Lasorda was manager of that team, you might recall. I wanted to go somewhere else. It wasn?t personal. We had someone going to the game, and I had already written about Lasorda and that team, and anyway ? I don?t like baseball at the Olympics. I don?t like tennis at the Olympics. For a while they were trying to add golf ? I?m glad they didn?t. I like it when the Olympics are CLEARLY the most important event in your sport.

    So, I was looking for something cool to write about ? this is a big thing at the Olympics. The thing is so vast that most of the time when something cool happens, you are 10 miles away watching something decidedly uncool like the ancient Pocket Hercules failing to lift weight*.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    Great article and great writing.
    He really sums up while the Olympics matter so much.
    It is unfortunate from a wrestling fans perspective that such an important match had so little scoring and was technically a boring match.
    Imagine if one of the other great US-Russian upsets had been a Gold Medal match: Slay-Satiev or Lowney v. 5X world champ that he 5-pointed in OT.

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    Thank you for sharing that!

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    It's hard to know where to start in commenting on a story like that. WOW!!! I loved this sentence, "Then Rulon Gardner walked up on the podium, and he turned to the guy running the show, and he said: 'Wow, this is pretty cool. I’ve never done a press conference before.' "

    That article is an absolute classic. Thanks!

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    Great article!

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    We need more articles like that in major publications to bring more fans to our sport.

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