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Thread: Hawaiian Style in the FS Overtime

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    While reading about Hawaiian traditional sports & games, I discovered Haka Moa which means “chicken fighting” and designates both cockfighting and a wrestling game.

    Within a circle, balanced on their right foot and holding their left leg (by the ankle) behind them with their left hand, two competitors hold their right hands and attempt to unbalance each other (to either knock the opponent to the ground or to push him out of the circle). The one remaining upright or within the circle is the winner.

    watch at 0:32

    Then I made some more research and I found out that there is a similar wrestling game (Ghursay) in Afghanistan but it is a team, not an individual game. In Ghursay, players of 2 teams hold one leg with hand (the right with the left or the left with right) and try to push over their opponents. The team whose player reaches a target on the ground is the winner.

    Ghursay 2006

    Ghursay 2007

    Ghursay 2008, only 3 week ago

    Ghursay is reported to be a a children game now but there are reasons to believe that also adults play it as this photo (made between 1987 and 1992) shows. Wow, very dangerous adults – they are mujahidins.

    I think I am going to write Mr. Martinetti an email to make him familiar with these games and to suggest FILA could substitute with them the “clinch” in the FS overtime. If FILA wants to have jumping on one foot in the overtime, FILA will have it. This is what the Hawaiian and Afghan wrestling games offer, so they will meet FILA expectations. What is more important, they put the opponents in equal positions! Both jumping on one foot. And each one holding his own leg – that means no more warnings (and negative points) for a wrestler who doesn't perform correct the current FILA “clinch”.

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    Another great post, thanks akzent

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    haha good one

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