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Thread: Why did Jesus help Slay but not Jim Gruenwald?

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    Default Why did Jesus help Slay but not Jim Gruenwald?

    We all know Jim Gruenwald is as religious Christian as they come. Why didn't Jesus guide him to an Olympic Gold like he did for Brandon Slay?

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    Default Re: Why did Jesus help Slay but not Jim Gruenwald?


    In my opinion, and I shouldn't even respond to this, Brandon Slay is sort of a whack job when it comes to his beliefs. Just like any radical Christian, he's going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. I'm fairly strong in my beliefs and he rubs me the wrong way.

    I think Jim Gruenwald, while strong in his faith, and willing to talk about it and "witness" as the Christians call it, is one of the Christians that DON'T rub you the wrong way. Well, maybe not you, but you are smart enough to get my point.

    I think its disrespectful to Gruenwald and his beliefs to even mention this Big. I know its your opinion. And you have a right to it. Calling out a fanaticist, and doing it in a fashion that degrades someone who has been nothing but good for the sport, and apparently good for the faith is sort of bush, as J Rob would call it.

    If you want me to spell it out, I'll talk with you all day about why I agree with you about Slay, but I think that it would be good of you to say, "why doesn't Jesus guide other Christian wrestlers to their Olympic gold" instead of singling out what by all rights and purposes is a great asset to the sport, and seems to be a good Man.

    If you'd like to argue about this, I'm here all day. Do me a solid big, talk Mr. Gruenwald's name out of this post. Its disrespectful.


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    Default Re: Why did Jesus help Slay but not Jim Gruenwald?

    Big is on a stupid thread/post roll today.

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