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Thread: batirov vs dudaev

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    Default batirov vs dudaev

    What is the history behind this rivalry? and lets hear some predictions on who wins russian nationals and goes to the olympics.

    I pick Batirov when it matters 1-0, 0-1, 3-0

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    I don't think Mavlet Batirov has ever beaten Dudaev. Adam Batirov beat him at RN last year. If they are getting a 2 kg allowance it will greatly help Dudaev. From what I hear he cuts a lot of weight and can get as high as 72 kg.

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    in the past 4 years i think the only people batirov has lost to is zadick and dudaev, and i think dudaev has had other losses. plus batirov is the raining world champ (without loosing a period). so even if dudaev wins they could rationalize sending batirov.

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    i like dudaev, he just missed making the olympic team in 04 losing to umakhanov. But i think batirov has higher chance of winning the olympics if they send him.

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    I think Dudaev has a better chance at beating Quintana. Watch this guy turn it up in Beijing. Dude walked through the qualifier in Switzerland.

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    I think both guys have beaten Quintana in the past. Anway it's a win-win situation for the Russians.

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    Neither have wrestled Quintana at the Olympics. Watch this dude turn it up in Beijing. He's like Trstena of Yugoslavia and Greco wrestler Maenza from Italy who peak for the Olympic Games but are inconsistent in the years in between.

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    i definetly agree with quick, olympics are a prety big deal for cubans. I think quintana has been scored on only in one of his matches in 04, or maybe even not at all.

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    Well I made a post about this a awhile ago but I think quintana will destroy everyone, any matches he has lost i personally think he throws them, but the olympics is the only one he cares about, but who am I to say? I am jsut gauging his performances WHEN they counted, like the qualifier, he absolutly destroyed everyone, the 04 olympics he destroyed everyone yet you watch him wrestle at other tournaments and its like hes asleep. Meh we will all see soon enough

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