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Thread: Qualifying tournament for Zadick

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    Default Qualifying tournament for Zadick

    Admittedly, I don't know enough about the international scene, and I need to learn more. Here is my question to those who do know the international scene: what are Mike Zadick's chances of winning the qualifier in Switzerland next week?

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    I guess it would depend upon who else enters. I don't think Iran qualified the weight yet.

    BTW Zadick looks like a member of the Taliban in your avatar.

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    Default Re: Qualifying tournament for Zadick

    Oh no! Spider made him so that he had red hair after I said that I like redheads, since I am, in fact, a redhead. Anyway, according to the Mat:

    Zadick will be in a strong 60 kilo weight class. Among the countries that have not qualified for the Olympics in that division are Cuba, Iran, Japan and Belarus.

    Two of the wrestlers Zadick may be battling are 2004 Olympic champion Yandro Quintana of Cuba and 2006 World champion Sayed Mohammadi of Iran.

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    Redheaded men can be goofy looking. Redheaded women are hot.

    Anyway, all 4 of those people can give Zadick real problems. Of course, he can beat all of them too. It will be a tough road for him, unfortunately.

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    Sounds like a tough draw for Zadick then Do you have to be 1st to qualify?

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    I think it's top 4 but not sure.

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    Is Quintana wrestling anymore? He did not try and qualify his weight at the pan ams in colorado when its pretty obvious he could have considering he has man handled Guivi Sissaouri twice before

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    He just wrestled at the World Cup. I don't think he made weight for Pan Ams.

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    quintana didnt try to qualify, because only nations which entered an athlete at each weight class at the 2007 World Championships in Baku, could to qualify their nation for the Olympics at that weight (in continental championships) . Cuba didnt participate at 60kg in Baku !!
    but for olympic qualifier, he can qualify !

    at asian championship Morad Mohammadi lost to Takatsuka (world bronze medalist) in semifinal in a close match (by clinch), and also Takatsuka lost to lucky indian Dott in final in last second. both of them didnt qualify yet. also South Korean wrestler (Song Jaemyung) is good. he lost to Mohammadi in his country.

    and yes, top 4 in Martigny and top 3 in Warsaw will qualify for Beijing.

    qualified country for 60kg:

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