First off, Id ike to thank everyone here. Im a bit of as pest because I have wrestled intensely over th last 4-5 years with Darell Gholar but I wasn't a high school/college wrestler, so I dont have the experience with other wrestlers I need. I plan on making up for that with a ong string of training camps before I hit the MMA circuit and everyone here has been VERY supportive with what probably seem like basic questions to all of you. So I'd like to say thanks again and I am very very determined to be a perfect marriage of High, world class ability Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (no gi) in my career. Without a community like this I wouldn't even know where to begin so a big thanks to all for the patience and support

My question.

Darell taught me very specifically to pummel and push constantly to double underhooks to create openings for throws and body locks or adouble,single,inside trip whatever pportunity He drilled it into my head so much that pushing and pummeling is the key that I have actually become quite good at that. I stopped by the NY Athletic Club and wrestled with the Greco guys there and surprised myself by doing very well for someone who isn't a pure wrestler.

So in lieu of this; who ar3 some wrestlers who are known for being good pushers and pummelers and using that to their advantage to open up opportunities??????? He mentioned Iowa as being a great school for that and Dan Gable in particular but Im sure their are a lot of guys known for it.

Any ideas?????

Im studying the wrestlers out there and learning tons, trying it out in the gym and learning a lot. So who are the classic pummeler/pushers out there? Thanks again for all of your patience and support.