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Discuss Best Wesern European Countries for Wrestling??? at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by Big Like I said freestyle and Greco clubs outnumbered judo clubs 3-4 ...
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    Default Re: Best Wesern European Countries for Wrestling???

    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    Like I said freestyle and Greco clubs outnumbered judo clubs 3-4 to 1 in Russia.

    Germany is only decent because it unified with Eastern Germany. Besides half of their team is Russian or Georgian.

    I just love the American thinkers on here. People, take a look at who is wrestling for many Western countries. They are Russians, Iranians, Ukrainians, Georgians and so on.
    seems you are some kind of promoting agency of the politburo, undercover wrestler hehehe

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    Default Re: Best Wesern European Countries for Wrestling???

    I will concede France impressed me with their Greco talent at the last World championships.

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    Default Re: Best Wesern European Countries for Wrestling???

    At some point if I proceed with my career as planned I will have to attend serios camps fro wrestling. The best countrieds for individual arts are quite spread out and at the very least european Kickboxing (taking away Thailand) is the king of the hil for kikcboxing. I learned a lot of wrestling and I want to kick it up to a far far higher level and Im most interested in knowing where the best wrestling cuntres outside of the Eaustern European bloc are.

    If I can go someplace that has excellent Judo, Kickboxing and fantastic wrestling clubs I can do a lot in a short amount of time.

    Brazils Judo is phenomenal, Russias is better IMO. Brazilian Judo favors the grand sweeping Ippons the Japanese prefer (best Judo on earth) while Eastern European Judo favors a strong mixture of wrestling mixed with throws, which is more alon the lines of what I myself prefer; it accries over into MMA, Submission and BJJ well; its simpler, uses the best of Judo (unbalancing opponents), and doesnt rely entirely on gi manipulation which breeds bad habits.

    If France has good Greco that sounds like a great choice. Their Kickboxing is excellent,their Judo is excellent and if they have strong Judo it could be a nice option. I could teach BJJ and earn in Euros; I know many MMA fighters who drive for hours trying to find a BJJ blue belt just to sharpen up and I could spend some time with this.

    Ultimately, I read about the interview posted here about the russians preparing for competitions with 3, 2 week training camps and I think that would give me the experience I need training with world clas athletes in any country. I think the US has AWESOME wrestling camps. Thanks for all the info, Im trying to plot a course and this is definitely helping.

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    Default Re: Best Wesern European Countries for Wrestling???

    Fila needs to promote wrestling in western Europe, right now people think it involves the WWE and is not even a real sport.

    They need to diversify the talent, otherwise wrestling will have trouble.

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