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Discuss US National Final Matches at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; 55 kg- are Simmon's headlock turns that good or are his opponents that bad? ...
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    Default US National Final Matches

    55 kg- are Simmon's headlock turns that good or are his opponents that bad?

    60 kg- great match, tons of action. Bunch is crazy quick, but Zadick's experience and scrambling wins it for him.

    66 kg- pretty slick finish for Paulson after using boring defense for the rest of it.

    74 kg- Paulson joins the "wins despite losing the coin flip" club

    84 kg- Herbert needs to tighten up his defence to be a world contender, has a great gut wrench.

    96 kg- from "can't win the big one" to double national champion for Varner. He's pretty good with the push-outs for a folkstyle wrestler.

    I can't find the 120 kg match.

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    Default Re: US National Final Matches

    obe blanc wasn't even an aa this year and he took simmons down twice. Simmons seems to be lacking in leg attacks, and leg attack d. I'm thinkin the headlock is a nice move, but not a world/olympic level move.

    I'm not sure if it's a good thingthat our college guys are being successful 3 weeks after ncaas end. Doesn't say much for our other senior level guys.

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