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Thread: Mark Ironside at the Northern Plains Regionals

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    Vombauer was terrific college wrestler. He gave Leroy Vego all he wanted. I'm shocked that Ness can get down to 121 pounds, the kid is taller than me and I"m a hundred and 95 pounds.........hmmmm......maybe I shouldn't have admitted to that???
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    Ness definitely has that same deal going on as Simmons, he got Vombauer the first round and I had been interested to see how he'd done. Its a nice result though.

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    The weight was 125 not 121 since you get 2kg allowance, plus the weigh ins were the night before.

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    There is no allowance at Northern Plains. Wrestlers must make scratch weight. It is not like Sunkist, NY, Dave Schultz, etc. where wrestlers get an allowance.

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