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    Yes, Leri Ketushvili and Georgi Ketoev are brothers. A picture of Leri in the match vs. Danko of Ukraine. Leri lost it. In the finals, Georgi beat Danko.

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    Ok, I understand the Georgianized name. But how did they change his face to look more Georgian? I mean his nose is bigger and stuff.

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    Akzent - how do you get them to sign the pics? do you have them developed or do you have a printer with you at the event?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    Ok, I understand the Georgianized name. But how did they change his face to look more Georgian? I mean his nose is bigger and stuff.
    I have 2 more pics for your anthropological studies:

    Did you notice that Georgi Ketoev signed the photo using Russian/Cyrilic letters, whereas Leri Ketushvili signed using Georgian letters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quick_single View Post
    Akzent - how do you get them to sign the pics? do you have them developed or do you have a printer with you at the event?
    There was a photo shop there, only 1 minute to walk from the hall.

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    Quoting myself:
    Quote Originally Posted by akzent View Post
    Imported wrestlers in Azerbaijan - I shall write about this any day now.
    Now - a few words. The Russian federation (controlled by Ossetians) alowes export of non-Ossenian wrestlers to other countires only in weight classes, in which in the Russian team there is no Ossetian. I shall explain the reasons later. That is why alowed Chamsulvaraev to wrestle for AZE (no Ossetian wrestler in that class) and also the HWT guy (I forgot his name) in the AZE team. He is Dagestani (the Ossetinas don't have a HWT wrestler in the RUssian team). But they stopped Navruz Temvrezov (84) to wrestle for AZE because he is non-Ossetian and they cannot control him if it happens that he would wrestle Ketoev. Temrezov came to Sofia. On Friday the Russians protested and FILA doesn't alow him to participate.
    I promised to write some words about the Russian wrestling export. Almost everyone of the wrestlers who are #2-#5 ranked in Russia and who don't see any chances to place first in oder to participate at continental and world championships, try to do this in any other post-Soviet country or elsewhere (France, Slovakia, Macedonia....). This is a well known fact. Interestingly the Russian federation has a selective method when deciding to allow or not allow anybody to represent another country.

    The essential principle is: In weight classes in which Russia is represented by Ossetian wrestlers, other Ossetian wrestlers are allowed to join other national teams. The Ossetian controlled staff of the Russian freestyle team does this because they want to have Ossetian dominations at championships in general and domination of the Ossetian members of the Russian team in particular. There is an unwritten Ossetian rule: An Ossetian wrestler representing another nation would never try to beat an Ossetian wrestler of the Russian team. When two Ossetian wrestlers have to face each other at European championships or worlds/Olympics the winner always will be the Ossetian of Russia. In such cases the matches are staged and they follow one and the same scenario: At the beginning (or in the first period) the Ossetian of the non-Russian team has the lead, but at the end, the Ossetian of the Russian team beats him. The best example are the final matches Taimazov (UZB) vs. Musulbes (RUS), especially that one at the 2001 worlds. Taimazov were allowed to join the UZB team only under the condition that he would never even think about this to beat Musulbes. When they wrestled each other, Taimazov (who has always been the better wrestler) had the lead but eventually let Musulbes win. The intra-Ossetian negotiations of that kind assure the success of the Ossetians in both the Russian team (in best case he would place 1st) and in the teams of other countries (they will place 2nd or 3rd...). There is only one ?exception? ? the Batirov-Farniev final last week.

    In weight classes, in which Russia is represented by non-Ossetians (Dagestani, Chechens....) the freestyle chiefs don't care much about the Russian export. Everybody from Russia can join the teams of other countries. The Russian federation didn't and will never protest the participation of the imported wrestlers. This was the case of Chamsulvaraev last week.

    In a weight class, in which Russia is represented by an Ossetian and there is a good non-Ossetian wrestler who wants to represent another country, he is never allowed to join the particular national team. The Russian federation always protests. That was the case of the Dagestani Kurbanov (threat for Gatsalov) last year, the case of Patrikeev in greco (threat for Baroev), the case of the Karachay Nauruz Temrezov this last euro's (threat for Ketoev). Kurbanov and Temrezov are not Ossetians; so their possible matches vs. Ossetians of Russia cannot be negotiable or predictable. A possible win of any of the unpredictable non-Ossetians would weaken the position of the Ossetians in the wrestling world. That is the reason why the Russians (the Ossetians) did their best to prevent the participation of Kurbanov at the worlds and of Temrezov at the Euro's.

    The so-called ?exception? in the Batirov-Farniev final match: Batirov, the the Ossetian wrestler of the Belarus team beat the Ossetian wrestler of the Russian team. But it wasn't Batirov who broke the unwritten Ossetian rule. It were the referees who did it. The referees' call (in the clinch in the overtime of the 2nd period) and the match result were unexpected for both Batirov and Farniev. Farniev and his Ossetian coaches went mad. Batirov didn't show that he was happy winning the match and becoming the champ. Both wrestlers looked confused.

    If you compare the referees' call in that match with the referees' calls (better to say: non-calls) in many other matches in which there was a ?clinch?, you can understand what exactly happened. In all other freestyle matches, the referees showed tolerance when any (or both) of the wrestlers didn't take the correct position for the hold. (The same tolerance could be observed also in greco when wrestlers didn't take the correct position for the reverse lift.) According to the rules, only one unofficial warning can be given to the wrestler who isn't in a correct position. The second warning must be official and the opponent gets points. But in many matches the referees made 2 or even 3 unofficial warnings giving the wrestlers the opportunity really to score, not to get points because of the warning of their opponents. Only in the Batirov-Farniev final, there there was not a 2nd unofficial warning. Only in this case, the referees kept strictly the rules. The second warning to Farniev was official. So Batirov won the match.

    The match followed the usual scenario: Batirov won the first period. But in the 2nd (and the 3rd) period which should have been won by Farniev..... The Ossetian ?scenarists? of the match hadn't calculated the referee factor in the play.

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    Akzent, this is the biggest bullshit i ever heard from you...i know you hate Ossetians, but why create some lies in the eyes of American fans? Russian federation is not controled by Ossetians...there is only Tedeev Djambolat who has a little bit of influence on the Federation, the rest is Dagestanian and Georgians! Like Suleiman Kerimov, Omar Muratazaliev, Mihail Mamiashvili, Magomed Gadjiev etc.! Tedeev is just a coach! So stop this bullshit okay? Disgusting!
    If you don't know where Kavkaz is, don't talk to me!

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    I have always been interested in what happens in Ossetian wrestling. I made quite a lot photos of Ossetian wrestlers which still adorn some Ossetian websites; I made some interviews with Ossetian wrestlers and coaches. You wouldn't believe it that I was a HUGE fan of Ossetian wreslers. I was. They have disappointed me for the last several years. Not as wrestlers (technique etc), but as personalities. I am not going to discus this on the forum. I am not their fan anymore but I don't hate them.

    Everything I wrote above is based on observations and talks with Ossetian, Dagestani, Russian etc. wrestlers, coaches and journalists. Let me give you an example. I mentioned the negotiated & staged match Musulbes vs. Taimazov. I know this not only because I attended the 2001 worlds. When I attend any competition I usually don't sit in the spectator area. At that worlds, I made (among other things) some interviews about the Ossetian folk style ?haby... hast? (transliteration?) and it happened so that one of my interview persons was an Ossetian coach from the Russian team and the second one was an Ossetian wrestler from the team of Uzbekistan (not Taimazov himself). So, I had the best opportunity to follow what happened in HWT in 2001.

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