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Thread: Wow... no threads on University Nationals/FILA Cadets/Body Bar?

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    Default Wow... no threads on University Nationals/FILA Cadets/Body Bar?

    Lots of great junior level events going on this weekend and not a comment about them?! I guess the European championships are more the focus here

    (Men's) University Nationals is being held in conjunction with the FILA Cadet nationals while the Body Bar tournament has national divisions for women at the middle school level, FILA jr level, and University level.

    For the women, FILA jr world champ Nicole Woody is up a weight from last year -- she is competing at 105 instead of 97 lbs but I am optimistic that she will still win the competition.

    Interestingly (is that even a word?), the men's division of University Nationals has added a few 'in between' weights this year. We saw this at the Clansman tournament in Canada this fall. It's nice to see them adding weight classes back, even if it's more for university level competitions than senior levels.

    Brackets are posted on for all of the events.

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    Here are the Freestyle Semi's up through 74 kg

    55: Ben Kjar/Tanner Gardner, Obe Blanc/Mark McKnight

    60: Daniel Dennis/Todd Meneely, John Espinoza/Josh Keefe

    63: Cody Cleveland/Reece Humphrey, Eric Albright/Jake Strayer

    66: Ryan Needle/Jordan Burroughs, Robert Sanders/Teyon Ware

    70: Ryan Morningstar/Chase Pami, Morgan Atkinson/Tyler Grayson

    74: Dave Rella/Harry Lester (Who's already WALKED to the 70 kg Greco Title), Ryan Churella/Travis Paulson

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    Freestyle Finals

    55: Tanner Gardner fall Obe Blanc :50
    60: Todd Meneely over Josh Keefe 2-0/2-1
    63: Jake Strayer over Cody Cleveland 2-3/3-3/2-1
    66: Jordan Burroughs v. Teyon Ware
    70: Ryan Morningstar v. Tyler Grayson
    74: Harry Lester v. Travis Paulson
    79: Mike Galante v. Jake Kerr
    84: Dave Bertolino v. Ian Murphy
    96: Darren Burns v. Mike Tamillow
    120: Matt Fields v. Israel Silva

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    Meneely is a stud!!-I bet Brands would love to have him in black and gold!Lester takes out some big dogs, one more this afternoon and call it one hell of a tourney.

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    Lester wins it 3-0/0-2/3-0 man is a BEAST...

    Here are the Cadet Free Finals

    42: Hunter Steiber over Robert Deutsch 6-3/2-1
    46: Jamie Clark over Gus Sako 3-0/6-0
    50: Logan Steiber v. Steve Mitcheff
    54: Chris Villalonga v. Tony Ramos
    58: Dylan Alton v. Colin Johnston
    63: Jason Chamberlain v. CJ Napier
    69: Alex Meade v. Dallas Bailey
    76: Corey Peltier v. Grant Gambrall
    85: Romero Cotton v. Joseph Budi
    100: Zack Bennett v. Andrew Tumlin
    125: Stephen Andrus v. Atticus Disney

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    What happened with the Ware match?

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    Ware won 1-1/1-0, great weekend for Jordan Burroughs though.

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    Ramos and Meade win the two weights that I was really interested in for Cadets, Ramos got a fall in the second period, and Meade won 1-0/3-0

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