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    Today the dominant country in wrestling is Russia, especially in the Greco-Roman style. The United States is close to the Russians in freestyle, however. Other countries which produce top international wrestlers include Iran, Turkey and Mongolia, and wrestling is the national sport of these three nations.

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    It seems that the Russians have really distanced themselves from the pack over the last few years in Freestyle. USA was in the mix in the 80's to mid 90s but can't touch the Russians these days. And now with Kavkaz wrestlers freely wrestling for different European countries, that has been even more the case. The USA needs a lot of help. Chicago Cup showed this.

    In Greco however, it would appear that the US is closing the gap on the rest of the world. Maybe it is the new rules, but we are doing even better before as a team.

    Just my observation.

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    I think greco is starting to develope in countries that previously paid little attention to it such as the U.S. Iran is doing the same thing. Previously it was wrestlers who couldn't make the freestyle team going out for greco. Now wrestlers are starting at it at a young age and not just crossing over. Iran placed 5th this year in greco the best ever for them.

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    I know of course of the strong wrestling tradition in Mongolia but have they had very many succsessful wrestlers at Worlds and Olympics?

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