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Thread: European Wrestling Championship

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    Default Bedinidis (Gre) pinning the world champ Aldatov

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    dude send us a link with all the pics you took pls

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    Less than a month after the European wrestling championships, "the East" beat "the West" also at the Eurovision song contest last weekend in Helsinki (estimated 110 million viewers). 24 finalists competed. Only 7 westeuropean countries participated because most of them had failed already in the semis and in the quarters (42 participants). The first 16 places have been taken by Balkan countries and by post-soviet states.
    There are interesting analysis and comments in the media, some of them talking of an East v West contest and even of a new cold war, of a (political) en block voting in the "old Eastern block" etc.

    Search for ?Eurovision song contest? in Google News. In the advanced search menu, put day limits of the search: between May 12 and May15.

    The most commented thing is the voting (per sms or call). All post-soviet states voted for Russia. All post-yugoslavian states voted for Serbia. In this second case, each of them (Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia) gave Serbia the maximum of 12 points.

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