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Thread: European Wrestling Championship

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    I was looking at the greco standings and last years world champions Turkey sucked it up. Not even in top 5.

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    Akzent - please tell me you will get some pics of the Freestyle guys too!

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    Yes, freestyle pics Akzent! We are counting on you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by quick_single View Post
    Akzent - please tell me you will get some pics of the Freestyle guys too!
    You want to see the ?Russians?? Sorry Quick, today I boycotted them except for Ketoev:

    My favorite 2007 Euro?s wrestler still is Kvirkvelia:

    I shall post some pictures from his final match vs. Bucher of Switzerland (the picture I posted yesterday was not from the final). The referees were quite biased. They wanted to make Bucher the champ because they wanted to make FILA president Martinetti (of Switzerland) happy by producing a champ from his country. They gave points to Bucher by warning Kvirkvelia; so Bucher could win a period. In the third period Kvirkvelia went mad and finished his opponent off with a 5 points throw. The first 3 pictures show him preparing the guy for the flight:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yazdani View Post
    Yes, freestyle pics Akzent! We are counting on you!
    Hey, I have a surprise for you!
    At a hidden place in the spectator area, I identified 2 non-European persons at the European championships. On the left side ? one of my favorite wrestlers; now the head coach of the freestyle of Iran. He came to Sofia to make tapes and to study the style of the Russians. I hope his mission will be successful and next time we will see Yazdani destroying Ketoev

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    The reason Iranians can't beat Russians is because they spend too much time praying. No scouting is needed for that. Ha Ha. Just couldn't resist.

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    No, they were busy praying to beat the Americans (which they did at worlds)but forgot about the Russians. J/K But really Heidari seems to be really getting into his position as head coach. Hopefully he can make so more improvements. Akzent thanks a lot.

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    this site shows every single freaking match!!!

    i am trying to get my techie friend to pull them so i can put them on DVD at some point. will be a lot of work.

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    Default Kuramagomedov vs. Chakiroglu

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