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    I've been watching/participating in wrestling most of my life, however it has been strictly Folkstyle. As I have gotten more into international competition, I have started to research most of the major Freestyle/Greco tournament. From what I gather, the big events are as follows:

    - Olympics
    - FILA World Championships
    - FILA World Cup

    Am I missing any of the big competitions that I should follow? Also, in regards to the World Cup, did I read correctly that it is a dual style format? If not, what is the relationship between the World Cup and the World Championships?


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    Other big tournaments include the continental championships (esp. European), the Yarygin tournament in Russia, and the Grand Prix tournament.

    The world cup is a dual meet tournament between the top 8 teams in the world. IT is a big deal, but not comparable to the world championships. A lot of teams will alternate wrestlers at each weight, so individual results at the world cup often aren't representative of a wrestler's ability. (For example, this year Askren lost badly to the Iranian at the world cup, but the Iranian didn't wrestle a lot of matches and Askren ended up winning the gold medal).

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    Okay good deal, thank you very much!

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