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Thread: Logan Stieber beats Opan Sat

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    Default Logan Stieber beats Opan Sat

    Didn't get a chance to see it (will have to rewatch later) but Twitter blew up about how Stieber beat the #1 ranked guy in the world at the BTS event today.
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    Default Re: Logan Stieber beats Opan Sat

    I felt sat got robbed on the clinch, but regardless phenominal performance from steiber him and burroughs really punish russians for poor stance, i love how steiber attacks to defend almost rather than just hand fighting and defending out a period he keeps attacking to keep the opponent on the defence, really good wrestling, he gets more exposures against top guys than anybody else, i've never seen sat and chakaev give up so many points than against steiber.

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    Default Re: Logan Stieber beats Opan Sat

    Very close call on that clinch... but I'm glad Stieber won. What a great match! Incredible difference between how Stieber wrestled here and the awful match vs Graff at nationals. His aggression both on his feet and on the mat were awesome to see. The 3rd went to the clinch because both guys were so gassed- it was 5-7, 6-0 the first two period.

    Also glad Scott won, he has been in an funk and it's nice to see him get a big win.

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    Default Re: Logan Stieber beats Opan Sat

    Stieber is pretty good.

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    Default Re: Logan Stieber beats Opan Sat

    I got a chance to watch both duals now.

    Against Iran, the US was a bit outmatched. Blanc had a late lead after stepping over a gutwrench, but Ramihi took him down and turned him. Dake won on double clinches (one defensive), the rest just got beat. Humphery looked particularly outmatches vs Esmailpour, which he shouldn't be IMO. I would have liked to see Burroughs vs Lashgari or Taghavi.

    Against Russia the US dominated. Logan was in on low shots at will. Sat had a huge scramble where he hit a 3 and 2 x2 in about five seconds, Logan looked like the better guy for most of the match. Hit a big double and throw in the second.

    Taylor has a two-minute scramble with the Russian Jr. World champ; he now seems pretty comfortable with freestyle ground wrestling, which as a definite weakness in the past. Burroughs vs Khubetzy was an absolute classic. The Russian scored a couple of times with a nasty chest lock, and broke one of Burrough's teeth, but Burroughs is just relentless and kept hitting his shots until they scored.

    Both Burroughs and Stieber looked in MUCH better shape than at the US open. I hope that's a matter of training and not just weight allowance.

    Also Provisor beat a bumped up Vachadze (who might be the mosr boring wrestler in the world, which is saying something). You'd hope the greco guys would open up and go throws with the fate of their sport hanging in balance, but no. 3 greco matches, no more than 1 pt scored in any period.
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    Default Re: Logan Stieber beats Opan Sat

    It should be noted that there was a pretty nice weight allowance for this event. That said, Stieber looked fantastic. Taylor's guy was bumping up a weight (and 66 to 74 is a pretty nice jump), but with Taylor it was more about how he looked than the opponent. Very comfortable and aggressive.

    Also, if we're going to go to cumulative scoring and two 3 minute periods, Metcalf is about to become a real threat.
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    Default Re: Logan Stieber beats Opan Sat

    I didn't watch the Iran match, but the Russian match was a lot of fun to watch. There was virtually no stalling or lapses in the matches which makes it fun. I hope they continue to wrestle this aggressively.

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